Review: Benefit Hi-Beam highlighter

Benefit Hi-beam is now my favorite highlighter.  it’s VERY creamy and sparkly and pale.

So it’s PERFECT for pale-girls like me who NOTHING shows up on. It may be too much for medium or dark skin tones, though.

Sephora has a habit of setting it up as a $10 steal.  And it is worth MUCH more than that.  My skin looks so pretty and dewy when wearing it! It stayed put all day after being blended in, and showed through even with matte finishing powders over my face.

It’s shimmerier than YSL Touche Eclat, brighter than  Temptu Champagne, paler than LORAC Perfectly  Lit, and more visible than MAC Cream color in Pearl, or Belightful face powder.

It comes in a tube with a doefoot applicator, and with how creamy it is, one touch of that applicator is enough for both cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, and the apex of the Cupids bow on my lip.

I like to smudge it in with my fingers to help remove some of the shine.  It’s glossy enough that without buffing it down, or using a product that will absorb some of it to blend it in, it can give you the disco-ball shiny cheeks.

The color is the palest highlight I’ve worked with.  It’s a dream come true, since most highlighters don’t show up on me at all.  This may give it a limited range or suitability for different skin tones, but it can be used sparingly, watered down with mixing medium, or applied in teeny amounts, to blend it in with more pigmented skin tones, if you still desire the effect.

And on the face


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