Review: Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity eyeshadow palette

Cliff Notes!

Would I recommend it?  NO! I could NEVER get results I wanted to be seen in public in.

What were my main issues/complaints with the product?  Almost all of the eyeshadow colors blended up to a muddy orange that did NOT look good on me at all.  The sparkles had a LOT of fallout, and it NEVER looked blended.

How do I apply it most effectively? Are any specific brushes or techniques needed?  I recommend a shimmery primer.  That seemed to yield better results.  Still not great results though.  Good luck.

What skin types, or shades would I recommend it for?  Warmer skin.  DEFINITELY.  If you have a deeper skin tone, you’ll DEFINITELY want a shimmery primer, or a pale primer, to make sure that it shows up at all.

Was it worth the money to me/will I repurchase? No.  I’m planning on returning it.

I purchased this without seeing it in person, during sephora’s recent VIB sale.  The packaging looked cute, and I WANT to like the Tarina Tarantino makeup line, since it has so many bright colors.  From the moment I swatched it, I had doubts, but I’ve tried hard to keep an open mind, using different primers and textures to try to find a way of making these shadows shine.
So far, I’m a  bit underwhelmed with Tarina Tarantino’s packaging, and palettes.  Some of the individual eyeshadows look nice, and Victorian Punk is quite pretty to work with.  However, something about the plastic used in the LE packaging just feels cheap to me.  The Sparklicity palette is FAR prettier than Victorian Punks packaging, but still feels just as flimsy.  The “gold” around the edge feels very light, and the “pearl” in the center wiggles a bit. From a distance, it’s a cute palette, but up close, it still looks and feels like childrens play makeup.

The Sparklicity palette comes from Tarina’s fascination with the “sparklicity” of cut stones, the interplay between sparkles and shadows in their depths.

Unfortunately, the colors do NOT live up to the concept, at all.  For a line from a jeweler, in a palette themed off this type of luminescence, I REALLY would have expected more depth to these shadows.

They’re matte shades with fairly chunky white/silver glitter. There’s LOTS of fallout, they don’t blend very well, and the shades have a tendency to turn into a muddy orange mess on my face.
There’s Brooch, a deep chocolatey brown, Twinkling Topaz, a yellow-orange, Frill, a shell pink, Buckle, a medium bronze, Rosette, a pale taupe,

It’s NOT that they aren’t pigmented, it’s just that they blend VERY badly, and the only shade in the base that seems to adhere is a very warm, orangey bronze.  Even the pale “cream” shade turns into an orangey peach on the lid.  The shell pink shade applies darker than pan, but is useable. The true gold is downright orange, and the bronze applies  with a strong orange tone as well.  The deep chocolate applies true to pan, and is the best shade in the batch!  Plus, it has variety in the sparkles, and they seem to be finer milled.

Over a standard matte primer, like UDPP or TFSI, some sparkles adhere, but there’s NO real depth to the shadows.  Over a pearly primer like MAC Bare Study, the bases shimmer offers more depth,  but still cannot counter the muddy brown tones of the eyeshadow itself.  I know Tarina Tarantino includes a few shimmery cream eyeshadows and shimmery primers, but this palette just did NOT feel like a standalone product to me, in terms of its finish.  Even packaging it with a teeny sample of a shimmery base would have made it seem like something to use to get that specific effect.

Once they were applied, the colors seem to stay in place decently.  There’s no further fallout, or creasing(over primer). But for the difficulty blending them, and the amount of falloud during application, it is NOT worth the finished results.  You’re FAR better off picking a few gold and bronze shades from UD, MAC, or MUFE’s shimmer powders.  Honey(UD), Honeylust((MAC), Tempting(MAC), Half Baked(UD), Sweet Lus(MAC)t, Sin(UD), Twice Baked(UD), Lounge(UD), etc. ALL have more complexity and depth in a five minute application, than Sparklicity can offer after days of careful trial and error.

Here’s a few of my attempts to work with it.

Over a shimmery primer.

Yeah.  Nothing to write home about.  And those were the BEST I ever got out of it.  I’d recommend waiting till you can find the UD Naked palette, or trying Too Faceds smoky eye kits, if you want sparkly neutral shadows.  These just weren’t easy to work with at all!


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  1. Lynn Hall
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 18:48:08

    I purchased this Sparklicity Gold Palette eye shadow and am unable to remember where I got it. I want another one. Can you tell me where to buy it?

    Lynn Hall


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