Review: Urban Decay Primer Potion

I have been using UDPP since before I started blogging.  That has always caused it to escape my notice when seeking things to review.  Plus, it’s a standby for nearly every person writing about makeup, so what can I say that hasn’t been said already?  I love many UD products, but their packaging is always hit or miss with me. The primer packaging is so bad that I refused to buy more,  until they released their Limited Edition “professional size” extra large tube.  The standard packaging is a flowy, pretty, signature genie bottle, with a doe foot applicator.  Unsanitary for using on multiple people(if you’re a makeup artist), shortens the shelf life of the product with exposure to air and bacteria, and worst yet—-the bottle is shaped so that the brush can’t reach over 2/3 of the product.  I cut my bottle open and depotted into a container when I found my brush was no longer pulling out very much product.    There was more product in the depotted container, than I had even USED from the genie bottle!  Sadly, even stored in an airtight container, the product dries up fast.  I purchased the professional size because mine had thickened and was difficult to apply.  But I still have most of that depotted container left.

Rumors have abounded that UD plans to release the tube as the new permanent edition packaging for the primer.  I have been praying that they do.  The tube is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much cleaner, handier, less wasteful, and works SO much better for getting the small amounts of product I use!  Many UD users I know switched to using Too Faced Shadow Insurance instead of UDPP because the products were very similar, but TFSI came in a handy tube(before the release of the UDPP XL tube).  I think UD could win some of those fans back by extending the tube packaging to the rest of their primer shades, Eden, Sin, and (From a LE set) Greed. TFSI doesn’t brighten things up or blend quite as nicely as UDPP.  But the convenience of the tube really trounces the Genie Bottles dried-up-primer-deposits without any kind of a fight.

UDPP is a classic because it brightens up shadows SO much.  It’s not as effective for glitter, shimmery,or mineral shadows as Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy,  but for everything from neutral looks, to colorful smoky eyes, it holds onto shadow, blends fairly easily, and doesn’t crease on most lids.  Even on my slightly oily lids, i have never had it crease.  A friend of mine has oilier skin than I do, however, and she said she DID have a lot of creasing with it, though she also has the same problem with many other cream eyeshadows and primers.  For all but the oiliest of lids, though, this is quite effective!

Oilier lids may have better luck with a drier primer, like MAC Paintpots, or MUFE Aqua Cream colors.  Even layering UDPP over those can help make it less slippery, if needed.  I do that sometimes for more subtle neutral eyes, where the full effect of the UDPP would be difficult to smoothly blend over.  I’ve heard you can put a thin layer of powder over the area’s you want to have an easier time blending.  I have never done this though, and never had any real issues blending.  Usually when I’m concerned, I use either the lid or the highlight color over the areas in question, and blend the darker tone over it for a softer seam.

Though it has a neutral color, it sheers out when applied.  Some of the other shades available do offer a darker nude tone, or a real shimmer, but I like the standard clear shade.  The primer is $18 for the standard bottle, and other color options, and 29$ for the XL Tube, which only comes in the original color.

For comparison, swatch #1 is bare skin, swatch #2 is MAC Paintpot, and swatch #3 is UDPP.  Colors are UD Fishnet and Ransom.

For easier comparison, here’s a shot of #2, and #3. It seems like a lot of make up users recommend MAC Paintpots for a base, but there is still NO competition, to me.  I always end up applying UDPP over the paintpot for more ooomph anyways.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Helena (xoxo Parisky)
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 10:03:14

    Oh my! I didn’t know that UDPP brings out so much color! I have the Too Faced Insurance and very oily lids and it works really good, but it doesn’t bring out any color. It does crease, but only after 8+ hours (it really depends on a lot of things).
    Now I must get UDPP to see the difference 😀


    • dolcearia
      Dec 15, 2010 @ 16:48:11

      I can’t wait to see what you think of it! UDPP is my favorite. I have TFSI as well, and they’re BOTH nice products… but UD does brighten things a bit more. I think I did a comparison between the two for my TFSI review. Unfortunately, my UD was significantly drier since it was depotted. That definitely affected the blending. I am sort of sad that I gave the TFSI away, because now I kind of want to re-do the comparison with FRESH UDPP. Obviously for the BRIGHTEST looks, you still want to use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, a bright cream base, or foil shadows. But this really IS almost as good, and is a bit easier to apply and blend than any of those options.


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