Review: NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia

It hadn’t originally been my intention to try the Sheer Glow formula.  As I have slightly oily skin, I thought matte would be better.  Unfortunately, my sephora was low on the Matte Siberia, and couldn’t give me a sample to match the color.  Sheer glow it is!

The good new is, the color is nice, though a bit too yellow.  The bad news is that this formula behaved even WORSE than I expected, and in completely unforeseen ways!  Rather than making my skin look shiny and overly dewy, or smearing off quickly——it dried my skin out, made my skin look at least a decade older!  I had frown lines I’ve NEVER seen on my face!  And when I smiled, it looked like it was stretching fit to tear.  Not what I would expect from a $40 foundation designed for normal/oily  skin types, from a company as generally recommended as NARS.  If you have dry skin, I would avoid this foundation at all costs(or at least try a sample before you get your heart set on buying it).  The matte formula looks a bit better(I got it in a slightly darker shade to try. The shade is too dark, but the formula seems MUCH more gentle.  How odd).

If you have particularly oily skin, maybe you will get better results than I did.   But for my skin, this foundation made it look dry, stretched, and actually appeared to age my skin ten years!  The wear was OK, the coverage was nice…. but I am 23, and I do NOT have massive fine lines yet! There is NO reason why this foundation should make my skin look so much more wrinkly!

Compare.  Here is my bare skin, taken immediately before applying foundation.  Some swollen pores and redness, a bit of a dimple, but no real lines or dryness.

And these two are wearing NARS Sheer Glow.  See how stretched and dry the skin looks?   I can’t even SEE the dewy finish past the textures!

It stayed mostly put for a good 7 or 8 hours.  I wouldn’t say it’s particularly longwearing, but it did seem to cling to my face better than I expected.  The foundation felt heavy and dry on my skin, and had to be buffed in a good bit, and diluted with a shade of water to apply evenly.

The color is comparable to MAC NC 15, though it is a bit paler.  It is no less yellow.

I felt my skin being slightly irritated by it, but not anywhere near as much as some other foundations.  Really, so long as I was careful with my skincare, it wasn’t a noticable difference.  Just slightly more swollen pores and bumps, and and one abnormally severe zit.

Here’s Siberia on my face, from further back.  The overall texture isn’t as visible from further back, but you can see some unevenness in the shadows around my eyes, from it appearing rough and dry on my skin.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ali
    Apr 19, 2011 @ 17:14:13

    I also don’t like this foundation but the colour is the only match I’ve found. Do you know of any other foundation that is the same colour as this?


    • dolcearia
      Apr 20, 2011 @ 08:33:35

      I’m still searching, myself. Lately I’ve found myself loving the Graftobian cream foundations. It’s MUCH heavier coverage, but they dilute VERY nicely with moisturizer or mixing medium, and wear very well. I just got a few of the lighter shades but would have to compare it later, to see which is closest. Nymph or Silk Sprite should be pretty similar. They’re very fair, but slightly less yellow than the MAC NC 15 standard. The undertone is much more neutral, though it leans slightly warm. It’s one of the most natural foundations I’ve found for fair skin, if you can figure out how to alter the coverage for your needs(I use it straight as concealer, and then use a water-y sponge, or mix it with mixing medium to allow more sheer coverage on other areas).


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