Review: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I’ll probably create separate reviews for the individual colors I’ve purchased, including the holiday LE Mixmaster set.   but I did want to post a quick overall review for the company, while I’m testing them and experimenting.  I may also post a separate piece on using them, blending new colors with them, etc. since I purchased a variety of colors exclusively for that purpose.

OCC is a smaller cosmetics company known for thier Lip Tars, a bright gloss that delivers OPAQUE pigment very easily.  They are best suited for make up artist use, due to the opacity, and variety of colors.  This line includes everything from black, white, yellow, blue, for mixing your own colors, to neutral shades, and bright pinks.  Of course, these may not be best suited if you are simply looking for a “my lips but better” pink.  Even the paler shades apply true-to-tube.  You CAN dilute it with their clear gloss for a more natural effect, but straight from the tube, it does not blend into your natural lipcolor at all.

One thing I really MUST include in this is about their payment system.  Both of my purchases from them have fallen under some promotional deal-Cyber Monday discounts, Free Shipping, etc.  But neither checkout listing, or reciept reflected it, although the actual amount charged to my credit card was correct. I just left either a note with the purchase, or a separate email to customer service requesting an updated reciept with the proper amount.  But don’t be surprised if your order makes it through checkout without updating your total.

I’ve purchased Vapid(pale lavender), Hoochie(Pink-purple), Katricia(deeper true purple), NSFW(bright blue-based red), Botanical(dark green), the Mixmaster set(which includes Black, White, Red, Yellow, and Blue tars, for mixing new shades), and Complex(pale grayed violet).

The formula for the lip tars themselves is delightful.  it feels slippery on the lips, like Fyrinnae Lip Lustres, or NARS Lip Glosses, but didn’t seem to feather.  it WILL smudge though, onto teeth or pulled elsewhere in your hair…. So be aware of that when using the brighter colors.  All of the colors left a very strong stain after I removed the main color. That didn’t thrill me, since my lips DID feel a bit dryer a day or so after using the Lip Tar.  The actual color itself lasted for about 5 hours.  The majority of the gloss melted away around an hour into wear, but the color stayed put for a good while longer!

All of the glosses have a peppermint oil smell, though the taste isn’t as noticableas you would think, or its stregnth.  There’s no chemical smell, or taste.

$12.50 per tube is a decent price, for the quality.  It’s on par with MAC lipsticks, considerably cheaper than NARS lipglosses, MUFE lipsticks, Tarte Lip Stains……  I’d still say these are better for shorter term wear, like photoshoots, or shorter events….   They wore decently while eating, but for how easy it is to smudge them, I would advise against wearing them when you will be rubbing your lips on things a lot, or smearing them together a lot.  I’m a compusive lip licker,  and I noticed it smudging more into the corners of my mouth from that.

I don’t know that I’d trust it to stay put during a party, or when worn all day.  But for short term color, I LOVE it!
The consistency and opacity of the colors makes it better as a standalone lip product.  It will cover up lipsticks applied first, and it doesn’t mix very well with other gloss consistencies.

I’m more than a little in love with OCC Lip tars, because of the range of colors, and decent wear.  They have their flaws, and are definitely more my style, but may not work for everyone.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Helena
    Dec 19, 2010 @ 00:56:48

    Thank you for this! 🙂 I’ve been wanting OCC lip tars forever (especially anime).
    I really didn’t know of their smudging problems, but I guess I’d be mostly using them for a photoshoot or a party (where reapplying isn’t a big problem). :))


    • dolcearia
      Dec 19, 2010 @ 10:32:39

      The worst thing about the smudging is that if you don’t notice it right away, they can stain the skin! It sort of ruins the neon bright lips, when there’s visible stains where the hair pulled into it and across your cheek. Honestly, most lip gloss does it, though. It just means that it’s a bit slippier than most lip stains.
      I don’t have anime, but I bet it’s gorgeous. I can’t think if I’ve posted Hoochie yet. Hoochie is the beautiful magenta I got.

      It’s going to be a bit tedious reviewing all the shades I have, but it should work out in the end.


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