Review: Illamasqua pure pigment in Involve

Cliff Notes!

Would I recommend it? Yes, if you don’t mind the cost.

What were my main issues/complaints with the product? I still dislike the packaging-it’s difficult to open, and I worry about it suddenly popping open  while I try to take the lid off.  There’s not very much product for the money.

How do I apply it most effectively? Are any specific brushes or techniques needed?  It looks most vibrant applied wet.  Really, it’s just personal preference, and what the intended look requires.

What skin types, or shades would I recommend it for? Any, really.

Was it worth the money to me/will I repurchase?  I like it.  I doubt I’ll need to repurchase anytime soon.  It’s just a nice, easy way to wear purple.  It’s subdued enough to wear with neutral colors, metallic colors….

I think I may even like Involve more than Conquer, despite my usual irritations with purple eyeshadow. It’s STUNNING.

Involve is a rich purple pigment.  Applied dry, it’s gray, and shimmery.  Applied wet, it has a deeper hue akin to a royal purple.  It is a cooler color, but should work on a variety of skin tones, depending what you pair it with.

The packaging is exactly the same as Conquer, the green I already reviewed.  The same gripes apply.  I wish the lid screwed on, rather than pulling on and off.  Especially if you have short nails it can be difficult to open.  You don’t get very much pigment for 24$.  I’d venture a guess that there’s maybe half the pigment in it as in the new MAC pigment jars.

It handles like a mineral eyeshadow, because the texture is so fine.  Not chunky like MAC pigments can be.

I love it with NARS Melusine, or even the UD Naked palette.The color can be worked sheerly, or densely, to get a variety of effects.  And even at its darkest, the gray is present enough to make it seem fairly neutral.So it show’s off darker, more vibrant colors in the crease.  I LOVE it paired with MUFE 92 purple eyeshadow.

Swatches are applied dry, and wet.  The wet swatch is far darker.


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