Tutorial: Nights in White Satin

Life is always better with the Moody Blues, even though its LONG before my time.  I love this song, and I liked the sort of subdued violet and deep blue of this look.

Basic breakdown is here.

This look uses mostly Shiro cosmetics.  Shiro is available here. You can easily snag all of them for around $20, depending if you get sample bags, mini jars, or full sizes.

We will use (Starting at the top, moving left to right) Shiro Jigglypuff, MAC Gesso, Shiro Nayru’s Love, Shiro Moosh, Shiro Veran, and Shiro Articuno.

Not shown, we will use Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, Urban Decay Primer Potion, mascara of your choice, Buxom lashliner in Blue Velvet(or your blue liner of choice), A small liner brush(mine is Sicara) a small shading brush(Sephora #17), and an all over shadow brush(Sephora #23).  Also, we’ll need something for smudging.  I use a sephora smudger tool, but you can also improvise and use a q tip, another shading brush, the edge of your pinky(if you’re desperate).

Start with a bare lid. Prime with UDPP, and then blend a TEENSY amount of Pixie Epoxy on the lid with your finger.  I usually pull my eyeshadow color out and take the lids off, so I don’t rush in and apply before the primer has set and gotten sticky.  Otherwise, just wait approximately 30 seconds before you start applying shadow.

Now we start on our rough sketch of eyeshadows. Don’t worry too muhc about hte blending, we’ll touch it up later. Just make sure your eyes are even with each other.  Using the #17 brush, pat Moosh into the outer third or so of the lower lid.

Next, wipe your brush off on a paper towel spritzed with brush cleaner, and snag some Nayru’s Love.  Pat this into the middle 1/3, starting closest to the deeper blue.  After you have a good coat, you can blend the edges slightly-this shadow has a buttery texture that will make it easy to just pat the color over the edge of Moosh for a gentle seam.

For the inner third, pat in Articuno with the #23 brush.  Blend the edges slightly, but don’t fuss too much.

Next, catch a small amount of Jigglypuff on that #23 brush, and fill in the outer crease, blending upwards.  We want the densest color to blend with Moosh, and a very soft fallout.  I like to pat along the crease to place color, and then blend upward in small circles.

Next, I brushed Gesso along the browbone for highlight.  If you prefer, you can use a sparkly white, or a sparkly ivory.  I prefer matte highlights on my brow bone.  Especially if you have medium or deep skin, or yellow undertones, you may prefer a different color highlighter.

There may not be a noticeable difference from the picture of the last step, and this one but that is because we are beginning to clean up, and finish our shadows.  Pat a little bit of additional color over each of your sections, soften our blendings…. I like to pull the brush DOWN along seams to start a rough blend, and then lightly sweep it back and forth for a softer edge.

Now, to finish the lower lashline.  Using your #17 brush, pat a small amount of veran along the outer lower lashline.  Taper the density of the color as you move inwards.  Brush a small amount of Articuno in the inner lower lashline and blend towards Veran.  Clean off your brush, and then brush more along the lower edge of the lashline, to soften the falloff further.

Next, we’ll deal with the waterline and upper lashline.  Using your thin eyeliner brush, mix Veran with a drop of mixing medium, or water.  You can use the lid of the container, or a plastic palette, or whatever happens to be around to blend your liner outside of the actual pigment.  Line the upper lashline.  Before it dries and sets, rub it with your smudger tool, but be careful NOT to pull it upwards.  We just want to soften it a little bit.

Next, snag a little more of your wet Veran on the brush, and fill in the outer corner again for additional intensity.

Next, line your lower waterline with your navy eyeliner of choice.  I used Buxom lashliner, on the thin liner brush.  If you have an UD 24/7 or MUFE Aqua Eyes pencil, you can use that instead.

Next, curl and finish your lashes as you choose. I used Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume mascara on the upper lashline, and patted it along the base of the lower lashline for extra depth.

At this point, you can apply concealer/brightener beneath your eyes, finish your skin, apply lipstick and blush…. according to your usual routine.  I patted(stippled) my concealer right up to the lashline, over the edge of the falloff, to soften them further.  You’ll see the difference between it if you compare my finished shots to the “in progress” ones in this tutorial.  Especially if you have smaller eyes, you’ll want to do this to prevent the rich dark lower lashline from making your eyes appear closed in.  Aside from personal preferences and minute changes, according to your eye shape, we’re done!



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