Review: Dior Creme Sorbet eye cream

I usually hesitate to post skincare reviews, since there’s SO many factors to actually determine its usefulness!  Especially with eye creams and anti-aging products, that may have very subtle effects anyways.  my general  rule of thumb is that I only review ones that have a fairly obvious effect, to avoid coming down harshly on products that just may not do anything for the very SLIGHT signs of aging my face is beginning to display.  I received a sample of this, a while back.  It just took me a while to get around to using it, since I had to finish some fairly long trials of other skincare samples first.

For reference, I have some freckles and uneven pigmentation.  The only real wrinkles or lines to speak of are one or two beneath my eyes(genetic) and the start of a line in my forehead.  I’m 23 so that is about what should be expected.

I liked the Creme Sorbet in short bursts—it seemed to be too heavy for longer term usage on my skin, but for use a few weeks at a time, I noticed positive benefits.  Whether or not that justifies a $60 price tag is yet to be seen.  I don’t doubt the jar would last forever.  I’ve used my sample jar for a month, and have not even used a quarter of it.

I really liked the Creme Sorbet!  It felt very gentle going on, and had a very soft effect.  After about a weeks use, I noticed that the skin below my eyes seemed to have a more regular texture, though there was no change to the fine lines.  Ordinarily, I notice reactions to eye creams as puffiness, or as little swollen spots on the skin(Milia). After a comparatively short-term use(1-2 week), it had shrunk the milia I had, and the skin below my eyes felt less tender and fragile.

I wouldn’t describe the effect as ten-years-younger miracle cure noticeable,but it DID look appropriate for my skin type, and signs.  So often, it can be difficult finding preventative anti-aging skincare.  Everything is either for correcting damage, or filling in lines, etc.  There’s very little specifically marketed to younger women who simply may want to take care of their skin BEFORE it starts displaying those signs.  At least in my experience, the corrective creams tend to be heavier, and cause more of the bumps from all of the ingredients that younger skin doesn’t need, or absorb as readily.

I think this is better used in short term bursts.  After using it morning and night for a month, the milia that had shrunk in the first two weeks started swelling again.  It seemed to balance my skin, but once the balance was there, it did not maintain it the way I would hope. I’ll probably continue to use this cream two weeks on, two weeks off, as long as my sample lasts.

I’m not sure if I’ll buy the full size of this.  Dior is a fairly expensive brand, and while I’d like the advantages of my young skin for quite a while longer, I’m not sure if it would be as good or enjoyable an investment as buying makeup generally is for me.


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