Review: Sephora liquid liner in Crystal

I originally bought this while searching for an opaque white liquid liner. I still haven’t found one, but this has a white tint when applied thickly, and I’m rather in love with the glitter.

Besides, $10?  How can you lose?   You don’t need two swipes to get a dense glittery line, it applies easily, dries fairly quickly, doesn’t move at all….  Really, I wish that Sephora had MORE glittery shades in this style.  It’s much quicker to apply and dry than even my favorite glitter liner brands Too Faced, and Urban Decay Heavy Metal!   If you’re a glitter snob like me, I bet you’ll love this!

It has iridescent sparkles in violet, green, orange….. They don’t lean as warm as cosmetic sparkles usually do, which is nice.  The brush has a very defined tip that is a bit sturdier than many liquid liner brushes.  it almost feels…. spongey…. and I rarely have to dip the wand twice to get a dense line.  It seems to dry down fairly fast, perhaps because of the glitter, and stays put once it has set.  I didn’t notice the glitter transferring, or any smears, even on sweaty days.It layers beautifully over other eye liner colors, though it has a strong enough tint that it’s not a very transparent color to layer.

There’s a good range of colors in Sephora’s liquid liners, though this is the only glittery one in its line.  I’m curious to see how the formula compares to the non-glittery shades, since most of the glitter liners I’ve encountered DO dry faster.  I think Sephora also has a line of actual glitter liners, with the standard brush, but the glitter is chunkier and less dense than this formula.  I hope they add more of these, because it’s a dream to work with, and requires less layering than the less dense formula of glitter liner that Too Faced, Urban Decay, and sephoras full glitter liner lines use.


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