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I’ve always been horrid at these things.  Ah well, Helena(xoxoparisky), this is for you!
7 things I have to do before I die
1. OWN a house with a proper edible garden.
2. Own a wide array of historical costume, and go grocery shopping in it.  Bustles, hoop skirts, corsets, bell skirts, petticoats, crinolines, chemises and all.  Life is all about contrasts.  And making people uncomfortable.
3.  Learn how to play Mozarts original Twinkle variations on the piano.
4.  Learn how to work metal and glass for jewelry.
5.  Get a little more confidence, to start new endeavors.
6.  Travel, preferably somewhere warm, historical, and with LOTS of dogs.
7.  Get better at keeping in touch with people.
7 things I say all the time(warning.  May contain bleeped out obscenities)
There’s my handsome boy!   (said to either of my pets, or my boyfriend, ALWAYS in the same tone of voice).
Ki-ki-KIIIIITTTTYYYYY! puppily, Weirdlings, Bratlings, critters, wee fuzzy beasties.  (My pets answer to all of them.  The cat also knows  “flapjack”. He’s a small cat, with so much loose skin that when he lays down, his skin spreads out like pancakes on the griddle and he looks three times his size.)

I swear, it would be less painful if you ripped my uterus out with a butter knife!  Won’t you rip my uteris out with a butter knife?  (Yes. I have bad PMS. And yes, I say this EVERY cycle).

Well, this day wasn’t worth the makeup I faced it in.(Which is funny, since most days, I am not wearing makeup while the worst part of the day is happening!)

Random anachronistic  slang.  Tarse, Cracked, Twitfidget, Gixie, Knave, Floozie. (You can tell I read a lot of fantasy/sci-fi)

Oh, bless you!  (said as an insult).

Bloody h***.  (always a classic, and infinitely cleaner than the expletives I make up)
7 things I’m good at:
Music.  Though I’ve slackened considerably with the hand problems, there aren’t that many people who can make it through ten pages of piano sonata.
Memory games.  Relatives used to win money from friends turning on the random classical station and making me guess the song style/format, composer, era, etc. for whatever happened to be playing.  I remember absurd details, and ENTIRELY too much information.  Yes. I am a know-it-all.
Naturally quick to learn.  I usually get to the better-than-average level in any activity I try, with minimal effort, and FAST.  I don’t have the discipline to get beyond that, though.  I’d rather not do something, then do it badly, or feel I “failed” it.
Teaching/communicating.  This one may be up for a little debate, but I think it still counts.  I enjoy explaining things,  looking for new ways of doing things, working with people and seeing improvement, debating with people…  I don’t like small talk or random conversations, but I LOVE arguing with people, or seeing their progress.
Handcrafts.   I’ve crocheted, knitted, embroidered, painted, sketched, sewn, dyed, beaded, altered, or cooked everything from artisan chocolates, to ceramics, authentically patterned historical doll dresses,  and theatrical costumes.
Holding my temper.  Surprisingly little genuinely irritates me.  And usually when it does, I view showing irritation as giving it power over me.  I’m very difficult to pick an argument with, unless you know my buttons REALLY well.
Analyzing things.  Movies, games, stories, historical sequences, co-workers excuses, makeup….  Almost any look I prepare to apply has already been through several minutes of planning and analysis to figure out exactly WHAT I want out of it.  I am meticulous.
7 flaws

7 qualities:
Obsessively detail oriented.
Perfectionistic.  Ties in with the first quality.
Affectionate.  I will hug anything that sits still long enough.  And if it still doesn’t move, I’ll probably rub my face against it like the cat.
Empathetic.  I tend to take things WAY too personally, when they happen to people around me.  I think I’m a good listener, but it makes me sad giving advice that isn’t taken, and hoping things will improve for whoever anyways.
Focused.  Once I decide to do something, NOTHING can break my concentration.  The man has shot rubber bands at me trying to get my attention, fetched them back out of my lap, and shot them at me again, while talking at me, with no reaction.  And he hasn’t let me live that down yet.
Nostalgic.  I have a love for vintage things and antiques, as well as relics from my childhood.  I still keep stuffed animals, own Scooby Doo and Rocky and Bullwinkle on DVD, and remember the runic alphabet from the Ultima computer game series.
Giving.   I LOVE shopping for other people, teaching other people, fussing over other people….
7 more bloggers
Clever Endeavor
Sigh. That’s not seven. I guess I ought to hunt for more fun blogs, more often!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 18:52:04

    Gawd I love you!! You touched on so much of myself on these!! I love living on the farm I grew up on w/ gardens (rhubarb, orchard, vegetable, dalhia, lavender, and crappy house landscaping I can’t take the time to worry about) horses (now down to 2) and my darling kat.

    I love being alone (and I Love my husband after 37 years!) All my animals (even hubby) have nicknames (Puddie, ‘Chabee, Mister and My Little Kumquat to name a few; you’d never guess who is who!!).

    I hate people, but like individuals. (I’m finding this quite common.)

    You may like menopause…I don’t miss that damned PMS a bit! (No more shrieking!)

    I sure wish I could meet you, but I do enjoy you here so much. Keep up the good work of you being you!

    Merry Christmas and keeping with the situation (quote by maid in A Christmas Carol)!


    • dolcearia
      Dec 23, 2010 @ 20:13:40

      I have to admit-I’ve never had luck with horses. Mind you, I haven’t had much experience either, but what I’ve had wasn’t promising. Always wanted to learn, though. I’m jealous of the garden. An herb garden in pots doesn’t quite compete with fresh Tomatoes.

      Mister is NOT your husband? That’s my best guess…. I call the animals that too….

      Even individuals….. wear me down. Trust me, I’m MUCH more affable on the internet. I’m NOT exaggerating the flaws! I have a few people whose company I enjoy, but I don’t even want to see them very often at all. I think that has only gotten worse as I’ve aged. That’s OK. I’m actually more relaxed when I avoid people. Hooray for the internet!

      The farm sounds lovely. I’m a suburban girl myself. I think I’d go batty being out in the country again, but I’m quite happy with only a short distance between myself and public diversion. I sort of miss the bustle of the city, but my crankiness at dealing with people for ANY period of time has sort of made me love the suburbs. Of course, some of that may have to do with my cities temperate climate attracting a LOT of petitioners, vagrants, etc. I used to have five different people grabbing at me on the way to the bank demanding a signature, donation, or survey. Ugh.


  2. Helena (XOXO Parisky)
    Dec 24, 2010 @ 21:24:16

    Thank you for doing it! 🙂
    It’s always fun to get to know people a little better 🙂

    LOL for the 1st 2.-And making people uncomfortable. XD I could imagine you in a historical dress in a shopping mall XD

    6- Spain?


    • dolcearia
      Dec 25, 2010 @ 16:28:14

      Happy to. I kind of suck at filling out these things…

      One time, I had a photoshoot as a zombie, with several other models all painted up….. We stopped to get snacks and water afterward, in full makeup…. It was HYSTERICAL. I actually had a little kid see me, and go RUNNING back to her mom in the next aisle…. and the poor register attendants had NO clue whether to ask us what the occasion was, or just ignore it.

      We all get so immured into our little routines—-it would just be fun to do them with unique little twists that can make you look at it a different way.


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