Makeup Wars: MAC Cornflower Pigment vs. Sugarpill Weekenders

While I try to avoid buying the same shade ten times, if you buy make up online a lot, you’re bound to end up with a few…. similar colors….  We may as well learn something from it, right?  As I end up finding these pairs, we’ll match them up, and see which I grab more, and why.  This will not be a regularly scheduled series, but will be published as duplicate shades are found, and tested.  Please note-I don’t buy much drugstore makeup any more.  I’ve found that I’m usually not happy with products I can’t swatch or handle before buying, and the customer service is generally better purchasing from independent makeup companies, for the price.  I don’t doubt there are many great drugstore dupes, but I freely admit to not having patience or inclination to find them.

Sugarpill Weekenders and MAC Cornflower are both loose eyeshadows of a medium blue-violet, with sparkles of pink, blue, purple.

In the swatch pictures, cornflower appears SLIGHTLY more blue, but the difference is barely visible to the naked eye.

Both shades are beautifully pigmented, and fairly easy to work with…… but Weekenders wins the “ease of use” category.  It adheres slightly better than cornflower,   The texture is very fine and powdery, and applies easily dry, or wet.  Cornflower tends to separate itself into clumps of metallic pigment that can be slightly more difficult to apply dry, while preserving the sparkle.

The colors look more different in those shots than they actually are, but you can see the difference in texture that makes all the difference when working with the pigment, dry.

I’ve found the pink sparkles in Weekender are slightly more prominent than Cornflowers, while cornflower seems to have a more silvery finish, especially foiled.

Weeekenders—- 5/5 for ease of application

Cornflower—4/5 for ease of application.

Pricewise, Weekender ALSO wins.

Sugarpill Loose Shadows sell for 12$ for 5g, while MAC pigments sell for 18$ for 4.5 g.  So while both are more expensive than a drugstore product, sugarpill is DEFINITELY a better value, and is pretty affordable, as cosmetics go.  Even drugstore loose shadows like Loreal HIP usually sell for $8, the jar.

Weekenders-4/5 on price/value

Cornflower-3/5 on price/value.

So far, Cornflower seems to be barely putting up a fight!

As far as packaging goes, sugarpill gets EXTRA points for personality.  The packaging is cute, from the printed box it comes in, to the heart logo on the lid.  MAC packaging is clean, black, matte, and tall.  Weekender has a glossy black plastic lid, and a flat container with a wide opening.  MAC has a matte rubberized black lid, a tall, sleek jar.  The lid screws slightly to secure, but never really feels secure, since it doesn’t screw in the way that normal lids do.  I wouldn’t carry it in my purse.  Weekender has your standard lid, screws in tightly, doesn’t seem to create a mess or come loose easily.  The additional height of the MAC container tends to make it easier to tip over, and a bit more nerve wrecking to work with.

Weekenders—5/5 Packaging

Cornflower— 4/5 packaging

Both colors are permanent shades.  Sugarpill is available online only, but MAC pigment is available online, in mac freestanding stores, and in counters in department stores like Nordstroms.  The shipping for Sugarpill is reasonable($5 standard), but should be factored in for your decision.  Especially if you are the type of shopper who HATES ordering online, and MUST see it on her hand before buying.  MAC often offers free shipping promotions, free shipping on $50 orders, and runs slightly more expensive($8, if i recall) for standard purchases.

Weekender-4/5 Availability

Cornflower-5/5 Availability

Are you the type of shopper who likes to vote with her money?  Sugarpill is a independent makeup company, started by a youtube goru/fashionista.  MAC is a larger corporation, owned by Estee Lauder, widely available, that frequently donates to charitable causes.  MAC doesn’t generally create or advertise vegan products.  Many of Sugarpills eyeshadows are vegan. Both MAC and Sugarpill have decent return policies.  That said, service at MAC counters depends completely on the person assisting you, meaning that you MAY not have the best experience, if the person is busy, having a bad day, poorly trained, etc.  I’ve dealt with Sugarpill over email, and they’ve been delightful.  I’ve yet to hear of anyone who hasn’t been satisfied working through problems with them.

Given the choice between the two, I’d rather give my money to Sugarpill, since I like smaller companies that genuinely respond to customer feedback, and create high quality products.  There’s always a bit of a buffer in buying from a bigger company.  THey’ll notice if a LOT of people complain, but their far enough removed from the individual customers to where they may not be as appreciative of your patronage as a smaller company would be.  Also, MAC has made a few unpopular decisions lately, cutting the amount of pigment sold in the jars without lowering the price, changing the packaging to HIDE that change, over-hyping LE products without creating realistic stock.  I do feel that Sugarpill is a company that cares more about ME as a consumer, and that makes me happy to give them my money!

Weekenders and cornflower tie on this one. Cornflower is more readily available, but  Sugarpill wins on the consciousness shopper points.  4/5 for both of them in customer service/availability/brand “likeability”.

And the winner is?  Sugarpill Weekenders, with 22/25 points!  MAC Cornflower loses in ALL categories, to my mind, and walks away with 20/25 points.  Still a beautiful product, and a nice color, but it can NOT win this one when compared against Weekenders better value, more utilitarian packaging, and fine texture and application!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erin
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 18:19:25

    I have GOT to start buying Sugarpill. Poison Plum is calling my name, and has been for months now!


    • dolcearia
      Jan 07, 2011 @ 08:46:03

      I know the feeling. I have a hard time buying from online-only companies. So often things look weird on my skin, so I’ve gotten to avoid buying anything I can’t swatch on my hand first. I rarely buy drugstore makeup, for that reason as well! But shopping like that, you miss a LOT of great companies, like Sugarpill, Fyrinnae, Shiro, OCC, etc.

      I just got the Burning Heart palette with Poison Plum yesterday, so I haven’t played too much with it yet. The color is gorgeous, though!


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