Tutorial: The Rite of Spring(Eyes)

I’ll get the detailing up soon, but in the meantime, here is the basic leaf green smoky eye I used. I’m pretty impressed actually…. most of my looks use at least 5-6 eyeshadow colors.  This one used three, including highlight.  It’s a simplification!

For this, we will need a slightly creamy primer of choice. I like Urban Decay Primer Potion. You can also use Too Faced Shadow Insurance, NARS Smudgeproof, whatever else.  We just want something with a little bit more tackiness then MAC Paintpots or MUFE Aqua creams(for example).  We’ll also need fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, an ulta small shadow brush, sephora point eyeliner brush, Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Stash, and a sephora small eyeshadow brush.

The main colors used here are Shiro Acid(chartreuse), Shiro Link(deep leaf green), MAC Vanilla(highlight), and Fyrinnae Dokkalfur(or your preferred olive eyeliner).

Prime your lid , and rub a THIN coat of Pixie Epoxy over the lower lid.  Wait thirty seconds for a little tackiness. Dip the very tip of your Ulta brush(Or a fairly firm, dense eyeshadow brush) in Link, and apply color to outer corner, and crease.  I extended it almost into the inner corner of the eye.

Next, apply Acid to the loser lid, below your crease.  I used the Ulta dense eyeshadow brush for this as well.

Using a fluffier eyeshadow brush, like the sephora #23, blend the top of your crease out.  I used  a wind-shield wiper motion for the first part, to even out the color, and then smaller circles to diffuse the outer edges.

Using the fluffy brush, now, add more Acid to the lower lid.  The PE will absorb this new amount, and if you edge it over the outer edge of Link, it will soften that seam considerably.   Use quick tugs to pull color over the edges where Acid meets Link in the outer corner and lower crease.

Clean the fluffy brush off, get a TEENY amount of Link on it, and go over the outer edge of your crease again.  Pull it inwards over that seam to finish the blending.  Clean off the brush again, and blend Vanilla into your highlight, and over the top edge to soften further.

Using the tip of the ulta shadow brush(it’s MUCH stiffer, and more precise) pat a small amount of Dokkalfur in the outer lower lashline, tapering the color towards the middle of the lashline.

Line the lower waterline with Stash, and smudge it lightly into the lashline color.

Put a teeny drop of mixing medium on the lid of Dokkalfurs jar(or a palette) and mix a small amount of dokkalfur with it.    It will be fairly thin, and very glittery/glossy.  Apply to the upper lashline,  tapping most of the color in right AT the base of the lower lashes, with the side of your brush.

Build more layers around the outer corner, as desired. I used about three to get it REALLY opaque and glittery at that edge, but blending into a sheerer contour in the inner corner.

Finish your lashes as with your favorite mascara, tapping a teeny amount onto the lower lashline.  Tap, don’t swipe.  Swiping can make those lashes look spidery, rather than just adding a little tint to the base.

And you’re all set!  Remove any fallout with a cotton ball and make up remover, and finish your face, add concealer, etc.  That was pretty painless, right?


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