Insanity(eyes only)

Because this my mood.  Sorry for the half-hearted effort. I’ve been running back and forth all day, fussing with the addition of another pet.  I found a stray cat at work yesterday, he attached himself to me to the point of following me for the full shift.  Since we couldn’t locate his home, and he doesn’t seem to be in great condition, there was no way I could leave him behind!    He can’t mingle with our pets, though, until the vets open to test him for parasites, or illness.  So both the pets are fidgety, knowing something strange is happening in that corner of the house, and clinging to me and the boyfriend like we might disappear, and my little Sidekick in the laundry room is feeling very clingy and adjusting to this strange new place, and I’m taking frequent breaks to sit on the floor and keep him company.

Here’s hoping everything works out.  If the animals can’t all live with each other, I’ll stretch my connections to find the kitty a home with less/different animals that will be fine. I’m hoping that things are OK for him here, though.  He’s a cutie, and has been incredibly sweet through this.  Overall, he’s in great shape, considering!  Some scrapes, some malnutrition, a broken tail healed wrong, and his spine doesn’t look entirely straight….  His coat is soft like he probably HAD a home, but they don’t seem to have tended to him at all, from the bones that healed crooked….  We’ll probably post a flyer around seeing if anyone actually is looking for him.  But it really looks like he has been on his own long enough that a new home is needed.


Fyrinnae PIxie Epoxy

SHiro Moosh-outer corner

SHiro Acid-middle of lid

Shiro Rattata-crease

Shiro Spirittomb-above crease to soften

Tokidoki Soya-inner corner

MAC Winter sky-highlight

Buxom mascara

MUFE Aqua eyes in black-lower waterline


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Helena (XOXO Parisky)
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 14:53:08

    Hoping all the best for the little fella 🙂 Hopefully he’ll adjust to your other pets.

    Love the makeup! 🙂 It works (even though those are not-so-likely-to-be-paired-together colors) 🙂


    • dolcearia
      Jan 01, 2011 @ 15:08:50

      I like the colors, though they’re a bit subdued on camera… I just wish the blending wasn’t quite as chunky. I’ve DEFINITELY been thrown off by the events of today! I’m STILL trying to get the hang of a purple/green blend, though. Ah well.

      The new kitty is fine… So far she seems to be disinterested in EVERYTHING except for sleeping in the warm room on her new bed, and eating from a full bowl of food. She’s been cuddly, but I had a hard time even getting her to look at the camera for a picture. Such a sweetheart, though. I think she’ll do just fine, once we get a clean bill of health for her to begin the introductions. Hopefully Mitzi will adjust to having another cat. And hopefully santi will learn to be gentle. Poor Sidekick is TINY, and SO skinny… I swear her head is larger than the rest of her body, and when she lays down, the bones just stick out. I was seriously crying on the phone with the man last night about the cats condition, hoping she would stick around till I got off work, and could try to find her home.

      It’s a bit… overwhelming…. trying to arrange everything this suddenly, on a holiday weekend…. But one way or another things will work out. I think that the boyfriends mom might be able to take her if we can’t, and her dogs both miss having a cat around. Plus, she’s out in the country in an area with less traffic if the cat DID stay semi-outdoors, though. Right now, I’m just anxious to get her into the vet to see if they can tell us anything about her history, or health conditions.


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