Review: NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Habanera

I think I’ve developed somewhat of a fondness for NARS eyeshadow duo’s.  Following my obsession with Melusine, I couldn’t resist snagging Habanera.  The two aren’t similar, but they work beautifully together!

I would DEFINITELY recommend Habanera.  The metallic shade is definitely better on cooler skin tones, but the burgundy-with-silver-sparkle is pretty neutral.  It makes a MEAN smoky eye, and both shades are excellent quality.  NO fading, creasing, with normal application over primer.  Easy to blend, well pigmented, large pans….  $32 is still pricey, but if you like the shades, it’s well worth it!  The seafoam can be switched for Urban Decay Aquarious in a pinch, and the darker shade is similar to MAC Sketch(though sketch has no sparkles) or MAC Traxx(though traxx’s sparkles are gold..  For other similar sparkly shades, try Shiro Ganondorf, Fyrinnae Forbidden Lover or Mephisto.

At risk of being redundant with previous reviews, I like NARS Duo packaging.  It’s sleek, easy to open, matte black rubberized material.  The mirror inside is large enough to be usable in a pinch, and the eyeshadow pans themselves are generous, far bigger than MAC standard pans.

Habanera has two colors

Metallic Seafoam—its not quite a true silver.  It reminds me of Urban Decay Aquarious, but a bit more subtle.  It’s a silver, with just a faint patina of  It applies smoothly, minimal fallout.  It is completely metallic, not just “silvery” like the lilac in Melusine, or MAC Lustre finish eyeshadows which has a  more pronounced sparkle.

Deep Burgundy with silver sparkle.  The base color reminds me a lot of MAC Sketch, deep deep plum.  However, it has vibrant silver sparkle to it that make it appear a bit lighter.  This finish is similar to MAC Lustre eyeshadows, but with considerably less fallout.

Both colors adhere quite nicely, and have that soft buttery texture that NARS duo’s often have.  They’ll kick up fallout if you rub the brush in the pan, and there is SOME sparkly fallout on the eye, but not very much at all.

These are not shadows to apply wet, although the metallic one works decently.  Overall, though, for that look you’re better off using a sticky primer like Fyrinnae PIxie Epoxy.

And swatched over Pixie Epoxy(the bottom row is NARS Melusine duo)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bec
    Jan 02, 2011 @ 04:46:02

    I have Habanera too and it is really gorgeous! One of my favorite duo from Nars! 🙂


    • dolcearia
      Jan 02, 2011 @ 05:56:11

      One of mine, too! I went back and forth on how much I’d use it, and talked myself out of getting it several times. I’m surprised how much I actually HAVE worn it! Neutrals and muted frosts usually aren’t my thing at ALL.

      Have you seen Melusine? It works well with Habanera and is my other favorite NARS duo.


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