Dive In!(eyes only)

I don’t care for the overall contour shape-usually I don’t like having a dark color all over my lid. But it’s different, and I like the colors.  Plus, the consistency of my liquid liner moved the eyeshadow around, so it doesn’t look very even.

FYrinnae PIxie Epoxy
Sugarpill royal sugar-lower lid
UD Dashiki-crease, above royal sugar
Sugarpill Absinthe-outer edge of crease
Bella pierre Twilight-highlight and browbone
MUFE smoky lash mascara
Sephora cream liner in The Deep End-lower waterline
UD liquid liner in Radium-upper lashline


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. spidergirl
    Jan 04, 2011 @ 01:46:05

    That’s a great combination of colors, it’s so cool! I’ve a question for you though: I’ve got small round close-set eyes and my brows are quite low, you guess, when I open me eyes my lashes nearly touch my brows. I’ve tried arching up my brows but still these are naturally low. My first concern, I’ve got a very little area to put eye shadow on and whatever I put there it’s hardly noticeable. How can I resolve this? 😦

    My second concern, I don’t seem to figure out how far I should take my eye shadow from my eye. I’ve consulted many sites and forums but still what works for everyone doesn’t work for me. I really can’t put a brighter shade over my lids without blending it with some lighter color on the outer corners!

    I’d really appreciate if you help me out with these problems! I really need a sincere help with this, though I’m sounding silly :”>


    • dolcearia
      Jan 04, 2011 @ 09:15:42

      Umm, I’m not entirely sure of the easiest way to help. If you give me a few days, I’m sure i can edit a visual together with approximate placements. Especially if you have a picture of your eye, since it’s always going to look a bit odd with my eyes having different proportions.

      My suggestions would be to use a reflective color on the lower lid, and minimal eyeliner on the upper lashline. The shine will make that space appear a bit more expansive. And if you thicken the line towards the outer edge, and use a paler reflective color on the inner corner, it can make them appear a bit more wide-set.
      How do you highlight your brow bone? A lot of times, I’ve found that to be JUST as important for the overall contour. Do you use a matte color, a shimmer, one paler than your skin? If you place a shiny highlight RIGHT on the outer edge, it can help give the appearance of more space there as well.
      I usually like to take my eyeshadow up fairly far into my crease. I’ve generally found that if you REALLY blend the falloff fairly high, it allows the color to be visible, without enclosing that space. After applying the color, use a bare brush to pull it upwards in little circles. Blend your highlight color over that upper edge slightly as well for a REALLY soft falloff.

      Probably the gentlest way of contouring it with limited space would be to use your crease color, and then separate your highlight into two areas. Use a matte color like MAC Vanilla all over one the browbone/highlight/crease falloff to soften things, and then highligh just the outer edge beneath the brow, where it will catch the light.

      See what I mean, it gets weird without a real visual? I’ll try to put something together for you. Do you use a dark color on the outer corner of your lower lid as well? Or do you prefer that also be a lighter color?


  2. spidergirl
    Jan 16, 2011 @ 05:25:31

    Thanks for being of so much help, I really appreciate that plus again I loved this look!


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