Review: Lashfusion XL mascara

Honestly?  I was not impressed with this.   The bristles in the brush were so dense that barely any product would sit on my lashes.  The color may have been opaque in thicker coats, but I couldn’t get any real results. I noticed a little bit of smearing on the lower lashline around5 hours of wear.  That’s about it though.  If you have short, normal lashes, and wear a lot of 5 minute neutral looks, this might work well for accenting your lashes without looking spidery or overly made up.  I’d test it in store first, to see if it smears on your skin type. Mines slightly oily and I rarely have problems with mascara’s migrating.  This did not wear as well as I’d like, though.  Especially for a $24 mascara.

Theres some lengthening properties to it, but I noticed no additional volume, and the color seemed very sheer.  This might be a nice natural looking mascara, but it’s not even REMOTELY something I would regularly use.  For natural looks on thick lashes, I very much prefer Exceptionnel De Chanel.

The formula is described as creamy, but I honestly couldn’t tell. The brush had such dense, rigid bristles, that the product did NOT want to apply.

EIther way, it’s expensive, for (in my opinion) mediocre wear and results.


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