Review: Tarte Lip Stain in Exposed

I’ve previously reviewed two shimmery lip stains(Moody and Charming), and one matte one(Lively). Exposed is a matte shade midway between a peach and a nude. It reminds me a lot of MAC Cherish, but is less brown. It’s very wearable, even on my neutral-cool skin. Really rosy undertones may wish to avoid it though. Tarte lip stains have a peppermint smell/taste, generally apply easily and evenly, and last for hours. Whether that’s worth $24 depends on you, and the color. Exposed is, to me, because it’s a very versatile shade. Some of the deeper shades, and brighter shades may have more limited usefulness, and I would not buy the full size of them. I generally get good wear out of them(around 6-8 hours, depending if I want to reapply for additional gloss). They don’t feather, or slip around, and they don’t dry or damage the lips. They advertise using Lipsurgence technology to help plump lips, and encourage moisture retention. I don’t generally use lip plumpers as such, because my lips are already pretty puffy. Using this regularly, I DID notice a bit more moisture retention though. My lip lines filled in slightly, though I don’t know that I’d say it was noticeable. I think I get the same benefit from drinking extra water, and making sure I’m not dehydrated, If you KNOW that you have a good diet, and drink healthy amounts, and your lips are still dry and lined, the difference might be more noticeable. If all you’re looking for is a nice nude lipstick, you can probably find one cheaper. If the plumping technology is important to you, then this is a nice shade, that will probably find its way onto your face quite often!

The packaging is pretty cute, but I HATE the lid. It’s a lip pencil, with the product inside a plastic “tube” rather than traditional wood casings. You twist the top to push product up. It’s easy to apply, and pretty clean. The lid however just pushes on, over the tip of the pencil, and pulls off. It sticks, and I’ve gouged the product several times trying to get the lid off, only to have it come off suddenly, forcing the pencil of lip stain into my palm. That is DEFINITELY a waste of a good product!

Overall, I think it’s a bit overpriced, but well worth picking up if you can catch Tarte or Sephora having a sale(I got mine during Tartes F&F sale!) If you think the color is your style, definitely keep an eye open for it! It really IS a nice product.


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