Review: Hourglass eyeshadow duo in Exhibition

Exhibition has a pale mauve shade, and a deep burgundy with vibrant wine pearl. Both colors have a soft, buttery texture and blend BEAUTIFULLY on the lid. Previously, I reviewed Suede, the perfect barely-there nude duo for fair skin. Exhibition is a bit darker than that, though the lighter shade is similar to the deeper shade in Suede. Suede just leans slightly more gold, and Exhibition leans more mauve. $38 is pretty expensive for an eyeshadow duo, but if you wear a lot of nudes, you may find it worth it. There’s a soft sheen to them, but no actual shimmer or frost. It just makes skin look dewy, without emphasizing wrinkles, dry patches, etc. This eyeshadow works on a variety of ages and skin types.

If you want similar colors cheaper, try Shiro Ganondorf, and Fyrinnae Mephisto. Ganondorf is quite close to the deeper color, though Mephisto is slightly more of a true burgundy. The darker color is the more unique one to duplicate, due to the complex finish. For other shades that echo notes of it, without the vibrant pearl, MAC Beauty Marked or Sketch should give a nice burgundy look. For the lighter shade, you might try Fyrinnae Damn Paladins, Shiro Epona, UD toasted(slightly darker, more “true” mauve) or MAC Naked Lunch(much drier, less pigmented in application)

The packaging is heavy, sturdy metal. The lid pulls up, or swivels around, to expose the product, and has a mirror set in it. It’s cute, and pretty functional. You can definitely see where the design and weight of it adds to the price, and the feeling of luxury in Hourglass eyeshadow duo’s. It has a magnetic closure as well, so it is fairly secure in handbags or pockets. I prefer not to carry it with me, though. The shadow itself is so soft that rubbing a brush kicks up a lot of dust. I can’t imagine how much product would be shaken loose during a days activity in a purse. That’s just a waste of an expensive product. It DOES come with a little brush, though, so if you choose to carry it with you for touch-ups, that is convenient. I find the handle too short to be comfortable, though the brush shape and bristles themselves are nice.

These two colors work well with themselves(though you may need a highlight color separately), or with Hourglass’ other eyeshadow duos. Exhibition and Suede together make the perfect smoky eye for general use(daytime, night time smoky, artificial lighting or flash photography). Exhibition works best for rosy undertones, but can easily be worked in with warmer shades of gold, bronze, taupe, or cream to suit yellow undertones as well. It’s a really versatile pair of colors, and if I was wearing nude shades daily, I would consider Exhibition and Suede essentials.

Interestingly enough, Exhibition applies evenly and wears decently even without a primer. I wouldn’t really advise skipping a primer though. I just thought it was interesting to note that I still got 6-8 hours of even wear without primer. It’s definitely a great eyeshadow formula.

The pans are pretty large. The shadow is pressed in a raised design with an hourglass splitdown the center, half on each pan. There’s a generous amount of product, for the price. Definitely more than MAC pans. That’s sort of a relief, given the price. They really don’t skimp or take shortcuts on packaging, quality, or quantity! I’ve found myself using Exhibition and Suede even more than I’ve used the Naked palette, because of the softer finish of the colors. And I don’t fear running out of any of them, soon. If you want a larger sampler of nude shades, the Naked palette is great, as well as any of the Too Faced eye palettes(I believe they have at least two natural/daytime ones, and a smoky one). If you just want basic shades that will flatter your skin, that you can use with minimal thought, you may get your moneys worth out of Exhibition!

And these, on the eye, with the Hourglass suede duo


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