Review: Fresh Firebird and Supernova mascara sampler

This mini-set sells for $10 at Sephora, but both mascaras are available separately, around $25 each. I would recommend the Supernova over the Firebird, because I prefer the brush shape, and other than that, they’re quite similar. Both mascara’s use a creamy formula, very pigmented and a little glossy. They both build volume beautifully, though the Supernova brush is better for separation. The firebird has a dense, traditional mascara brush shape(wide base, tapered towards the tip of the brush, even spacing), and the Supernova has an hourglass shape(wide base, narrower center, wider rounded layers at the tip). The bristles for both are VERY soft, and pliable. This helps mold them to your lashes even more when applying, and makes it easy to remove excess product from the brush. Supernova is my current favorite “smoky” lash mascara, but the final decision may come down more to your preference of brush style.


supernova (1)


I didn’t notice a significant difference between the formula’s of each. Both were lightweight, seemed to help hold curl, add volume and separate. And they layered very well. For my thick, long lashes, I got a very subtle smoky effect from it. Those with shorter and sparser lashes will probably still see their lashes holding a curl for longer, and looking naturally thick and separate.

These are my new favorite volumizing mascaras. I also like the Diorshow mascara, but I feel that Supernova and Firebird to an even better job of thickening and separating lashes, due to the lighter formula and softer brush, and I like that they don’t have a strong fragrance(Seriously. Who needs to smell their LASHES? And what if it conflicts with your normal fragrance of choice?)

The formula feels effective for a variety of types, and with how easily it layers, it’s not difficult at all to use a different mascara underneath it to amplify the effects(Like a lengthening mascara, or a dark primer for a more defined dark base around the lashline)

I had NO wear issues with it, no flaking, clumping, etc. It didn’t seem as waterproof as some other mascaras. I think it’s OK for periodic sweating, but I definitely wouldn’t wear it for a stroll in the rain.





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