Review: Josie Maran GOGO mascara with Argan oil

I don’t know why I keep trying more mascaras, since I’ve found a few that really work well for me. I suppose I really should just say “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”, but I can’t help trying new things. That said, there’ have only been a few mascaras from my recent batch of tests that I’ve liked, and this has not been one of them. I suppose most of it comes down to my dislike of the brush. The formula was creamy enough that it DID make it onto my lashes, though the brush shape is terrible for handling thick lashes. I’ve been spoiled by hourglass shaped-sparse plastic-y bristled concoctions that put the usual pipe-cleaner style tip to shame. It just didn’t seem to do anything. It colored lashes, but I didn’t feel it particularly thickened, lengthened, added volume… any of the things you might want mascara to do.

Argan oil is supposed to be great on skin and hair. I haven’t really tried it extensively enough to know, but I did not notice any changes in the overall condition or health of my lashes. Plus, it didn’t seen to set properly. It smudged for quite a while, and then it went straight to flaking off. I don’t know if I’ve noticed a mascara doing BOTH those things, before!

If you like the advertised benefits of Argan Oil, and want a natural mascara that won’t look overdone, this may work for you. I’d give it a test first, to make sure it wears properly in your areas humidity. Overall, though, I think that the conditioning benefits were overrated, and the mascara itself is a bit sub-par. I think most make up users would have much better luck with Hourglass Film Noir mascara,Buxom mascara, Fresh Supernova mascara, or even a fiber mascara(for length). And most of them are right in the same price range as GOGO mascara, with better results and wear.

That said, I softened considerably to it after layering it over a dark primer(like Cargo Lash Activator).  The primer colored the bases, and GOGO separated them into a beautiful fluffy concoction!




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