Back to Basics: Eve Pearl HD Foundation Duo in Fair

My mom used to say the most strong trait I inherited from her mother was the ability to walk into a store, pick up the most expensive item, and fall in love with it, without knowing its price.  Somehow, only the most expensive thing is PERFECT on me.  I don’t think she was wrong. I have found my foundation Holy Grail-Eve Pearls HD foundation duo(fair), and it is just a few dollars away from being the most expensive beauty product I have ever purchased.

So this was a steal-Ordinarily, the foundation is 54$, but I got it during Eve Pearls Black Pearl sale, for 50% off.  I’ve been wanting to try this for nearly a year now.  They also pop up on Hautelook frequently. Right now, through the end of January, they are running a promotion offering a free eyeshadow palette with orders over $50.

I have a rough time shopping for foundations.  Nix Mineralize liquid, Studio Fix, Cover FX powder, and Cover FX Liquid.  There may be more I don’t recall offhand.

For reference, I have PALE(paler than MAC NC15) skin, with some freckles/uneven pigmentation. There’s the beginnings of a few fine lines(genetic, I’m fairly sure) under my eyes, and on my forehead, but no real wrinkles or crow feet(since I’m 23.) There’s a fairly minimal amount of under eye bags and coloring. It is slightly oily, gets some hormonal acne/blemishes, though not a lot, and is VERY sensitive to skincare and foundation. I look for allergic reactions, or fragrance allergies when picking out facial products, almost before any other consideration.

After several months of use, I STILL love this.  I don’t use it daily, because I’m afraid of running out.  But I still have half the pot left.  I do use the lighter shade a LOT more than the darker one, and will need to get more of that first. I wish they sold the shades separately, or refills at least.  Still, if you follow them on email, or watch hautelook, you can find sales that will put it in a decent price range to replace this, when it runs out.

Eve Pearl is the head makeup artist for NBC, I believe, and recently developed her line of products. So far, they have been pretty highly recommended, although there’s limited availability.  You can buy them on her site, or at her boutique in NYC.  To my knowledge, that’s it. I have yet to see them in a department store, Sephora, etc.

I have a hard time buying makeup that expensive without swatching first, which was a massive part of my procrastination.  Her Salmon Concealer is considered to be her standout product, though I passed that up, since I rarely use more concealer than my slightly-too-yellow MAC NC 15 foundation.  The foundations are suppose to be very good too!

There’s a slimmer range of color options. They are sold in duo’s( Fair, Light, Medium, and Dark).  The premise is that the lighter color is applied to forehead, nose, chin, etc.  The darker color is used to contour cheekbones, temples, etc.  And if you apply it with a wet sponge, like she recommends, there’s supposed to be less need for awkward color matches.  Plus, you can vary the coverage, layer it as needed, etc. It’s supposed to be a versatile product that will cover a variety of skin tones and issues, without causing breakouts or looking masklike.

That’s the reasoning, anyways.  You see why I was a bit dubious to buy without trying. That’s a LOT to claim, it’s bound to disappoint, right?

Customer service is EXCELLENT. When I first started looking into her products, I contacted customer service via email, to double check a color recommendation.  I received a very helpful email back within 8 hours.  When my time came to purchase, I forgot which account had the message, and just gave in and called customer service, to double check the same recommendation.   The number rang through with no irritating menus, to their NYC boutique, and I had my answer two seconds later.

Shipping was about 8$, which doesn’t thrill me.  Especially since that was for the basic speed.  I ordered it on a Saturday, and it shipped that Monday.  Shipping took around a week.  So, ten days from purchase to doorstep.  Not great, but not awful.  I was just a bit cranky at paying 8$ shipping for ONE expensive product, that, for all I knew, might not even work.

It arrived in once piece-though I don’t think much of the packer.  Standard bubble wrap mailing, product wrapped in tissue paper.  However, the wrong receipt was included, and the accompanying brochure looked like it had been through the ringer.   So NOT the most professional package I’ve ever received.   The product itself was intact, and lovely though!

Nice, professional box, pretty velvet pouch embossed with Eve Pearls initials/logo.  Don’t mind the fuzz that is ALREADY on the velvet-between me and the animals,  any fabric of that sort is a crud magnet.  It’s a little bit package overkill, but is DEFINITELY a luxurious look for it, in line with the price.

The packaging for the foundation itself is heavier than I would like, but nice.  It’s a shiny metallic gunmetal that somehow doesn’t show fingerprints easily.

Open the top, there’s still a plastic cover over the foundation.  So, if you have it in your purse, and it comes open, nothing will gauge your precious makeup!  That swings open to the side to allow you to work with the product.

Flip the foundation up, and there’s a nice dense sponge.  I NEVER use included applicators, being a germ freak, but it IS a convenient placement.

There’s not a LOT of the foundation, but you only need a little.  I don’t care for how deep the pans are set in it, since the MOMENT you dip your brush in, you’ve smeared touches of foundation on the rim of the palette.  Oh well. Minor nitpick.  It took me about two touches in each color to get enough to cover my face.

Please note-this foundation was, as near as I can tell, developed for photography and film.  So there’s NO SPF listing.  Most foundations, even my matte MAC Studio Fix have a minimal spf of 5-15.  So keep that in mind, and choose a primer with spf, or apply sunscreen before doing your makeup.

The colors are a surprisingly good match!  If I had to say that they leaned one way or the other, I’d say they lean warm, but when they apply, it blends down so lovely, that they don’t go on anything but neutral.  They absolutely melt into the skin after application-I use a buffing brush to help it on its way and make sure it’s evenly blended into the skin, since I use so little of it!  I’d say that the recommended “sponge wet with water to prevent it from absorbing too much product, and make it slightly sheerer” is probably the most even application method, but you can do fine with a foundation brush , just buffing it afterward.

With powder, I got a solid 8 hours wear(Except for on my nose, which I was blowing a lot. I think I’m developing allergies).  After a good 8-9 hours, my skin still looked even, no blemishes appeared.  The only change in it was that the VERY faintly satin finish had worn away, and my skin was getting a touch oilier and shinier.

The two-color system has afforded me some experimentation, since it allows for a LOT of experimentation for your face shape.  With mine being a touch round, I like using the darker color on the sides of the face and temples, blending towards the contour, and using the light color for the center of forehead, nose, apple of cheeks, chin.  It does definitely create a subtle depth.  And the darker color is a nice match with just a HINT of the depth, so it works FAR better than any of my other contour colors(MAC Prism blush, MAC Kid eyeshadow, MAC Studio Sculpt creams).  The finish isn’t totally matte, even when set with powder.  But it’s not dewy enough to make my skin look oily.

This will FOR SURE by my special occasion makeup. It looked flawless in person, didn’t change color on film, wore very well.  Absolutely PERFECT for me.  I can’t wait to have a photo shoot and see how it looks under professional conditions.

No oxidation, no wearing away in patches, no settling into creases of nose or under eyes.

Regarding the color matches—My wrist is a LOT darker than my face. I tested it there, as well as on my face.  The color really DOES adapt to accommodate a lot of variety in tones and undertones.  The colors showed up a bit on my wrist, but were still perfectly blend-able for wear had that been the color of my face.  On my face, they melted in for very subtle highlights and depths.

Here’s a full face, showing the coverage with no dillution.  I did buff it down slightly to blend.

Here’s product photos of the box(with the company’s product  information) and the wrist swatches!

For color recommendations, or other options, I’d recommend checking out Temptalia’s foundation matrix.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mad Madam Jess
    Dec 03, 2010 @ 23:09:33

    Great review, darlin! The make up looks flawless on you! I am a HUGE Eve Pearl foundation fan as well and absolutely find the products to be worth every penny. I also adore the fact that you can take advantage of many of her frequent promos that make her line more affordable to my pocketbook. :):) I must add this though, there is, in fact, a natural sunblock infused in the foundation. It’s not a chemical sunblock so it isn’t listed in the ingredients. The ASTAXANTHIN in the foundation is what provides the natural sunscreen. You are right about using a moisturizer/primer with added sunscreen as we can never really have enough of that on when we’re out and about. Thanks for the great review!

    – Jess


    • dolcearia
      Dec 04, 2010 @ 16:35:44

      The promo’s ARE amazing. Between the Black Pearl sales, the Black Friday sale, the appearances on Hautelook, I know if I’m patient, I can stock up decently well. I still want to try the salmon concealer, but haven’t been able to justify it.

      I didn’t want to talk about the natural sunscreen since it doesn’t(as near as I can tell) have a quantified SPF for people to evaluate how to supplement it. I thought it would be more useful just assuming that you should apply your preferred full SPF without it.


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