Review: Sugarpill Burning Heart eyeshadow palette

Sugarpill is one of the best put together cosmetics brands I’ve ever encountered.  This palette is quite useful to me, and I would DEFINITELY recommend it!  I also got the Sugarpill Sweet Heart palette, and while I love it, the colors in this one are a bit more cohesive together.

This palette is simply GORGEOUS.  The colors work beautifully with each other,  nice pigmentation, easy to blend.  And you get a MASSIVE amount of product for $34!  The pans are even slightly bigger than my MUFE eyeshadow pans!

All of the shades in this palette are Mattes, which can be slightly tougher to blend.  That said, these are the most user-friendly mates I’ve ever worked with!  There’s a true banana Yellow(Buttercupcake), pure pumpkin Orange(flamepoint), true blue-based Red(Love+), and deep purple, with a hint of magenta(Poison Plum).  All shadows ARE available separately, but you do save money buying the full palette, versus collecting them singly.

The packaging is really pretty, and feels surprisingly sturdy.  I think it’s some kind of cardboard, but it honestly feels  REALLY dense and sturdy.  The eyeshadows are already in magnetic pans, so if you wish to rearrange them, you can easily do that.

Sugarpill is a makeup line primarily for fans of blindingly bright makeup.  You won’t find any neutral or daytime appropriate shades in the line(with the exception of Tako(white) eyeshadow, and Goldilucks(Gold) pigment).  With that in mind, this palette is a PERFECT representation of the brand!

I haven’t had ANY wear issues with these colors, though they do stain me quite a bit. It’s not so bad on the eyes, but I’ve had it happen where I tried to clean a smudge below the eye, and ended up covering the reddish stain with my foundation.    That’s not surprsiing, or unusual though.  My skin REALLY holds on to pigment, and most other matte shadows do the same to me.

And a quick comparison of the Sugarpill pan size to MUFE pan size.

These colors don’t tie you into any specific looks, or combinations.  All of these were done primarily using the Burning Heart palette, although there may be another sugarpill color or two hidden as well.

(this one technically uses colors from the Sugarpill Sweet Heart palette as well)

The possibilities are endless, right?  Or at least only as limited as your courage in wearing absolutely painfully bright shades…. Needless to say, I think this is pretty much my favorite make up palette! Not for the faint of heart, but absolutely PERFECT for what it is!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jessettery
    Feb 29, 2012 @ 05:03:41

    Hi there, do u know the exact size of the pans?
    Im looking for a bigger magent palette for my sugarpill eyeshadows and ive seen some palettes in 36mm and others say 36.6mm and i dont know which one is the best.


  2. dolcearia
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 13:20:15

    I’m pretty sure the sugarpill tins fit in my La Femme blush palette. I’d have to doublecheck, though. I know it can get confusing trying to figure it out! Worst case, Zpalettes don’t have any artificial dividers, so you can put ANY eyeshadow in those, regardless of size.


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