The Subtlest Hot Pink Eyes I’ve Done

Apologies.  I’m digging into my “boring look” stash for today.  It’s not bad, but not special.  Unfortunately, this is the longest I’ve been sitting up all day.  I’m not sure if it’s a migraine, or a virus, but standing has been making me SOOOOOOOO disoriented and nauseous.  It’s cute how the boyfriend fusses over me, cooking soup, insisting on staying in the same room to keep me company.  I could wish he’d done it without the TV on, though, since the light was painful. Ah, well.  It seems to have mostly passed.  But now my day is over, and I’ve done NOTHING but vomit, and roll over. I hate feeling this useless, but I suppose it happens to the best of us…..  I promise I’ll try to do better tomorrow!

MUFE flash cream in Silver-lower lid
Sugarpill birthday girl-outer lower lid
Sugarpill Dollypop-outer corner
Sugarpill Lumi-inner half of lid
Sugarpill Tako-highlight
Fresh Supernova mascara
UD 24/7 liner in Rockstar-lower waterline, and upper lashline


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Helena (xoxo Parisky)
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 15:38:52

    You definitely should be laying in bed in this condition and not writing posts! 😛
    Hope you’ll get better soon! *hugs*


    • dolcearia
      Jan 24, 2011 @ 01:57:16

      You know me, I feel useless, I get restless. It took about seven hours before I felt “well” enough to throw the post up. And got better from there. But still, I had such an ambitious weekend sketched out with my new HiFi eyeshadows! Argh!


  2. spidergirl
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 00:15:17

    Helena is right! You should be in bed and taking rest till you feel better enough to sit in front of your computer/laptop! Get well soon, and if it’s migraine, avoid lights as much as possible.

    PS: The look is awesome to me! I love such subtle pinks on eyes! lovely 🙂


    • dolcearia
      Jan 24, 2011 @ 02:23:30

      I’m generally not as thrilled with them, but Birthday Girl is PERFECT for a medium pink. Still, variety is the spice of life, and all that. Eventually, I’m sure that will make it into a Focus On piece showing the color pairing, so it was worth posting. Eh.

      I’m mostly better today. A wee bit headachey, but that’s it. I was mostly better by the time I posted. Just a bit resentful that I didn’t get to do any of what I’d planned to do. Ah well. I have today to make up for lost time!


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