Review: Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows, part 2

Sorry it has taken so long to review Birthday Girl and Paper Doll  I was trying to give them a really thorough testing, since the finish is a shade more difficult to work with than my previous Sugarpill loose eyeshadows. These two are paired because they have a similar texture, and finish, and handle differently than all of the other Sugarpill loose eyeshadows I have.

Birthday Girl is a bright, bubblegum pink.  The base is matte, but it has vibrant sparkles.

Paper Doll is a soft lavender.  It also has a matte base, and vibrant sparkles.
The combination can make these slightly less user friendly than the true-shimmer based pigments.  Matte eyeshadows usually take a LOT of blending, but too much blending usually removes the sparkle. They adhere nicely, though, over a standard primer.  I found them a little bit streaky applied over a really stick primer(like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy).  That’s something that Amy Doan(Sugarpill’s owner) assures me they are working on.  Applied wet, the color is just beautiful!  I found I liked them best as a lid color, applied wet to give glitters something to adhere to, with more pigment patted on top.  Remember to pat, not sweep, or else you’ll buff the glitter and a bit of the matte base off, trying to contour your crease!

You get a lot of pigment(5grams) for $12, and while these aren’t my favorite Sugarpill colors, I am glad I have them.

Swatched dry, and wet.

There’s a generous 5g of product in these—far more than you’ll EVER use.  These can also multitask.  Birthday girl, particularly, makes a LOVELY blush.

The packaging is cute, and sturdy. I haven’t had lids loosening in my organizer, or any spills or mess. They’re built low to the ground,  and difficult to tip over(THANK GOODNESS!)

Here’s a quite look with Birthday girl on the lid

And one with Paperdoll

When using these pigments wet, remember to be SPARING with what you blend over top. Try to pat, rather than sweet. The matte base in these can get blended out if you are too vigorous.

These are definitely a bit more finicky than Sugarpillls Matte eyeshadows, or their shimmery pigments(Like Absinthe, Lumi, Goldilucks, Junebug, Weekenders, etc.).  Most of that comes down to the matte base.  Mattes are ALWAYS a bit tougher to work with.  They really are nice pigment colors, it just may take a bit of practice to use them well.

With my other sugarpill pigments-Weekenders, Absinthe, and Royal Sugar.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. danishenanigans
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 11:46:08

    These two colors remind me of Hard’s Candy eyeshadow duo in Ab Fab! I love these wet.


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