Review: OCC Lip Tar in Memento

Memento is  a pretty, dusky coral.  It’s better on warmer skin tones, but isn’t so orange that it would look bad on cool skin tones.  It wears for at least 6 hours, although the initial gloss fades closer to 4.  It’s VERY pigmented, and the teeniest bit stretches for a whole application.  The gloss feels slippery, and seems to smooth out lip texture to a plush finish.  It DOES dry the lips a bit though, and you will want to condition them thoroughly after it wears off.

At $12.50 a tube, it’s a bit pricey if you ordinarily use drug store lipsticks.  It’s on par with high end lipglosses from MAC, NARS, MUFE, etc.($14.50-$18, or that region).  I tend to find OCC Lip Tars well worth the money, since you can get REALLY striking experimental effects with them, and there’s such a variety of shades.  For a sheerer color, add Clear lip tar.  For a paler color, add a bit of Feathered Lip Tar.  THe texture of Lip Tars lends well to blending and mixing new shades.  This has made them favorites of many make up artists, though it’s not the most accessible product for your average makeup consumer.

While I do feel a little silly reviewing individual lip tar shades, with such universally high quality across the line, it makes sense to pick out some of the ones I feel are the easiest to work with on their own.  Eventually, maybe I’ll get all twelve or so shades I own reviewed!  I’ve also looked at NSFW(Bright blue-based red) and Complex(VERY pale peach nude).

If you apply too much Lip Tar, you may find it migrating to your teeth, or smearing.  You really DO only need the teeniest of amounts to get an even application-use a lip brush to apply it to the edges of the lips, working inward, for an even distribution of product.

Lip Tars tend to have a subtle minty flavor and taste, but I do taste a faint underlying chemical tang to this shade.  It’s very mild, though, and easy to ignore.  If Memento isn’t quite your shade, and you don’t have other lip tars to blend with, you CAN use some other types of lipglosses—but only ones with a similar consistency to the Lip Tar, otherwise it won’t blend right, or the lip tar will cover it up.  I find NARS lip stains work acceptably for blending, as do Fyrinnae Lip Lustres.  You want products with a VERY thin texture.

OCC Lip Tars are available online at their web site.


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  1. miha
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 11:22:33

    lovely colour and great lips !


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