Review: Bvlgari Jasmin Noir fragrance

I know we don’t seem me posting many fragrance posts… I have so many perfume sensitivities that any love I have of fragrances tends to be tempered by the headaches I get from 90% of them.

When I find a fragrance I like, I tend to cling very hard. I previously reviewed Miss Dior Cherie, which is my favorite summery/fluffy fragrance. Jasmin Noir is a bit heavier, and easier to wear during the winter though.

The primary notes seem to be Amber, Licorice, Almond,  Jasmine, and Gardenia.  I couldn’t tell you the order they present themselves in, with my unrefined palette.  It’s just a very subtle scent, not as heavy as a lot of jasmine scents, or as woody as the description seems to imply. It’s just kind of flowery, and nutty. I love the licorice notes.  It doesn’t seem to have a terribly strong onset(Trust me–I tried one of the Juicy Couture perfumes, and for an HOUR after applying, I could hardly breathe, it was so strong).  The various notes of the fragrance DO linger quite nicely, though.  I noticed very subtle traces of it even after 6-8 hours after spraying.

I think the woody notes make it particularly nice to wear during the winter, but the floral notes keep it a bit playful.  Ordinarily, I prefer citrus perfumes with the occasional hint of a floral, spicy, or woody note.  For some reason, Citrus tends to aggravate my sensitivities far less.  So this perfume is somewhat of an anomaly for me to wear.  I love that I can, though!

As fragrances go, this one has a pretty wide appeal.  I’m not a perfume nerd, but I love it!  For someone who can actually tell the variety of aromas included, I’m sure it would be even more delightful.  It’s definitely my favorite bvlgari fragrance I’ve tried, in part because of its subtlety.


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  1. Susan
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 10:12:55

    Oh goodie!! I LOVE fragrance!! I’m not that great at explaining what I smell, but I try.
    I loved Miss Dior Cherie enough to buy it, and while I still like it, it seems a little “dry” for me. I just got Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue and liking that quite a bit. (I like the lighter, citrusy, florally flavors.) I can’t stand the Juicy ones. Hmmm, the one I’ve really loved and can only get in Canada, is Lise Watier “Neiges”. OMG, light as a snowflake, just right for me.
    But I’m so fickle I love collecting wonderful ones, so I bounce between them all. Right now I have at the ready: Givenchy “Extravagance d amarige”, “Miss Dior Cherie” and Clinique’s “Wrappings” (a winter favorite). I have “lots” more in the cupboard…..mmmmmm.


    • dolcearia
      Jan 31, 2011 @ 10:35:33

      I think I’ve smelled light blue, and liked it. Haven’t tried wearing it to see if it gives me a headache. I haven’t smelled any of the others, though. I’m VERY timid about my fragrances, because of the allergies. Now I’m curious about Nieges. It sounds lovely@


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