Review: Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadows part 3

Possibly I could have shoved these into part 2. But the finish is completely different, so it makes sense to separate them.

Lumi is an iridescent aqua sparkle.  In their swatch photos it looks white.  But in person, it is almost transparent, with a VERY strong reflective aqua sheen.  It layers well over colored primers.

Goldilucks is a pure metallic gold.  It is a bit yellower than my tastes run, but is flattering on a variety of skin tones.

The shimmery pigments are my favorites of sugarpills lineup.  They’re easier to work with than the shades with matte bases, and  glitter.  You can get versatile results with them, and these two shades are especially useful.  How can you go wrong with a nice true gold?  And the aqua shimmer in Lumi suits almost any blue/green/teal/turquoise look.  I’d be quite happy if Sugarpill made a series of shades like Lumi with different colored sparkles. It’s more dense than even my fyrinnae Ghost series colors(which handle similarly, but have a finer shimmer/duochrome)

Sugarpill loose eyeshadows adhere VERY well, and wear well.  There’s 5g for  12$, which is  honestly even better value  than MAC pigments.  Plus, the Sugarpill colors are often easier to work with.

Lumi, particularly, is one of my current staples, because it layers so WELL!  Even wet, I wouldn’t describe the color as “opaque white”.  If that’s what you want, I recommend layering it over a white eyeshadow.  Its perfect for adding a gentle sheen to help soften the inner corner in bright looks. The versatility over dark bases, in particular, makes it quite fun to work with.

Goldilucks is really pretty, if you like bright metallic golds.  I’ve never been THAT  huge a fan of the color, so I’m a little biased against it. I like paler golds with less yellow.  But it adheres BEAUTIFULLY dry or wet, and has a much more even, opaque texture than many of the gold mineral shadows I’ve seen with a similar finish.  If you have a warmer skin tone, this will be a particularly flattering color, and probably one you will pick up quite often.  After all, gold eyeshadow works with everything from neutral looks, to smoky eyes, to bright looks…..

The sugarpill pigment packaging is really nice.  It’s flat, difficult to tip over, and I haven’t had any issues with it coming unscrewed in storage.  I don’t store them on their sides, though.    The lid is cute, and the paper wrapping itself is quite prettily illustrated.  Even the sample baggie of pigment is in a cute cardboard sleeve.


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  1. Aneela
    Feb 03, 2011 @ 05:25:36

    Thankss alot for the review


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