Review: Hard Candy Baked Eyeshadow in Asteroid

I’m not sure if I’ve commented on it a lot, but I have a deep dislike of true black eyeshadows.  I VASTLY prefer near-black shades of Navy, burgundy, emerald, bronze, etc.  Especially for my skin tone, it looks MUCH less over the top with my bright looks.  And you can never go wrong with a little sparkle.  I liked Supernova, another shade from Hard Candy’s baked eyeshadows, so I went back and snagged three other shades to review.  Asteroid(Blackened base with navy sparkles), Space Cadet(Blackened base with forest green sparkles), and Intergalactic(Blackened base with coppery bronze sparkles).

Asteroid actually seemed slightly better than Supernova, amazingly enough. My primary quibble with Supernova had been that it applied chalky when used dry, and that the glitter didn’t adhere as well as I’d like.  Asteroid is STILL a bit chalky, but the glitter does adhere more evenly.   These shades produce minimal fallout(though the glitter itself DOES create fallout).  They wear decently well, apply BEAUTIFULLY wet,and are well worth the $6.

The packaging is what you’d expect for $6.  Cute, with stylized design on the lid, but feels somewhat fragile and cheap in the hand.  That said, the lid stays closed, and it has a VERY generous amount of product(I have blushes that are smaller than this eyeshadow).  If you’re on a budget, this is a REALLY nice purchase.

I still prefer the depth and adhesion of similar colors from Shiro, Fyrinnae, or Hi Fi cosmetics.  They tend to adhere MUCH better, in my experience.   Though you can get a sample cheaply, and a full size for the same price from those companies, there’s not as much product as Asteroid gives you.  Honestly,a little goes a long way.  This product could be half the size, and I STILL would never run out..  If you are a fan of “pure” mineral makeup(as few parabens, added ingredients, vegan products, etc.) then Hard Candy may not be your brand.  For widely distributed cosmetics though, it’s a nice affordable way to toy with the color.

The glitter itself is a fairly large-shaped cosmetics glitter. No fine shimmers, or subtle sparkles unless you apply it wet.  Even then, the finish is vaguely metallic.  The entire reason I started looking at these colors was as possible dupes for the two mineral shadow duos from MAC Venomous Villains collection. This shade, Supernova, and Space Cadet work beautifully as those dupes, and seem to handle similarly, according to reviews(I REALLY wanted those duo’s, but couldn’t get them.  Now, I’m glad I’ve found cheaper alternatives I DON’T have to sell my first-born to get a pre-order for.  Curse you, MAC!)

Applied wet, the formula works well as eyeliner.    For covering larger spaces on the lid, apply it wet, use the still-damp brush to apply more product over top for EXTREME sparkle, and then buff out the edges with a clean and dry brush before applying colors around it.  Using that technique, here’s asteroid in the outer half of the lid.  You can also pack shadows with a duochrome or interference(Fyrinnae’s Ghost eyeshadows, MAC Stars N Rockets, Sugarpill Lumi, UD Fishnet, Fyrinnae Parental Advisory, just to name a few) over it while it’s slightly wet to REALLY amp up the interference(You can see that happening on the seam of the look displayed below, with a bright lime green)

Here’s actual swatches and product photos!


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