Review: MAC Pigment in Neo Orange

I’ve been having way too much fun with all of my bright colors, and I had to try this one.  MAC pigments are generally pretty nice, although this is the first matte finish one I’ve owned. It was a bit underwhelming.

Neo Orange is a beautiful electric peach.  It’s not really orange, but definitely not pink. After doing a bit of online research, I discovered that although it’s nice as blush, and safe for lips, it is NOT eye safe.  I could not find ANYTHING in the packaging to indicate that.  So the next part of my review stems from my experience using it on my eyes, but is also valid if you are using it to shade in detailing on the face.

It did not apply well at ALL wet, and was difficult to work with dry.  The product seemed to have problems adhering to my eyelids.  Blending colors around it caused it to be buffed away unevenly,and even packing the color in, it created a LOT of fallout, and didn’t adhere evenly.  It’s even visible in the swatch photos!

I’m still iffy on MAC’s pigment packaging—the rubber lid has less extensive threading to twist shut, and needs barely a quarter-turn to pop open.  The packaging is tall, and can get knocked over fairly easily.  It’s pretty, and mostly utilitarian, but I wouldn’t carry it in your purse with you.

You get a lot of product for your $19.50.  Likely you’ll NEVER end up using it all.  But I’d rather spend the money on trying a few products that work better.  MUFE shadows, Sugarpill shadows, Fyrinnae pigments ALL work much better than this finish.  I’m still trying to find one that duplicates that color.  But an extraordinary color doesn’t do any good if you can’t make it look even in application.  I really wish MAC was clearer about which pigments are safe for which uses, since this is FAR better as a blush than for any other use, but is displayed mixed in with pigments intended more for eye-use.  It can be confusing unless you know the line REALLY well to know which can be used where.  Even the sales associate who sold it to me discussed applying it with eyeshadow’s, without mentioning to me that it was NOT eye safe.   I don’t balk at using pigments on my eyes, when it’s not their intended use. All that really means is that MAC hasn’t tested it on the eyes, and some of the ingredients may not be intended for that use(and may cause discomfort or allergic reactions).   So it really won’t kill you, but it’s something to be aware of.  However, the information SHOULD be more readily available to make an actual CHOICE on it.  Many people would NOT want to use a pigment outside of its approved uses, especially if there are other sensitivities to consider.  And I’m very glad I haven’t used this in doing MUA on any clients, because I would NOT take the risk of applying it to someone ELSE’S eyes.

Just for reference, this is it on the eye, with sugarpill eye shadows.  The results aren’t as patchy as the swatch photos would have you think, but that’s because i took a LOT of extra care with the blending.  This is definitely not a product to get if you’re just dabbling with bright colors, or loose pigments.

As blushes go, it’s not bad, but it still doesn’t adhere evenly, and even buffing it away to a subtle flush, you may have difficulties getting it to not look streaky.

I would definitely NOT re-purchase this, and am debating returning it, just on principle.  The color is lovely, but I do feel that the product is sub-par, and I dislike how vague MAC is on making sure people KNOW how to use it.


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