Review: Mario Badescu foaming glycolic cleanser

I tend to test skincare items more in the winter, when my face is even more irritable, and I have reason to hope that they might help.  Back in December, I snagged a few Mario Badescu items, including this.  I’ve actually LOVED all of them.

I have slightly oily skin, with a lot of sensitivities, and a lot of weather exposure at work.  I’ve  been using this 2-3 times a week, as recommended for oily skin, and it has helped a lot with the swollen pores and smaller irritations and infections.  I have less deep acne, and smaller zits fade away much faster.  The drying cream is lovely for severe spots that need it, but this is gentle enough to work well all over the face.

I’ll be surprised if I use the bottle in a year.  After nearly 3 months of use, it STILL looks like it has been barely touched. A little goes a long way, and all that.

Between this, and the Mario Badescu whitening mask, my skin actually DOES look brighter and healthier.  The whitening mask seems to help more with the itchiness and sensitivities from weather exposure, but this works BEAUTIFULLY for controlling my oil, and preventing more severe breakouts.

They recommend less frequent use for drier skin types, and that should probably be followed. I didn’t notice it drying my skin out at all, using the more frequent recommendation for oily/sensitive skin.  My skin feels silky after I rise it off, though I don’t think this takes the place of an occasional exfoliator, for deep cleaning.

I believe I snagged it for $14 or so on Hautelook, but full price is probably closer to $20.  That’s not bad at all, and well worth it.  Even at full price.  If you keep your eyes out though, I’ve seen Mario Badescu skincare on Hautelook at least a few times a year, and it may be worth stocking up.

Certainly, for oily/sensitive skin, I’ve had GREAT luck with Mario Badescu products.  Much better than most of the other products I’ve tried… I’m shocked to find three products I like from the same skincare line.  I’m not complaining, though…. My face barely has any itchiness, soreness, blackheads, hives, dullness….  Even when out in a biting winter wind, grinding sand and rock-salt into it while shoveling snow.  I definitely can’t complain!


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