Tutorial: My Funny Valentine

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to put on makeup today.  A quick errand to pick up our car and get cat food became an all day event that culminated in us getting locked out of our house, due to a faulty garage door opener.  Since I can’t provide anything new, and I’m due for a tutorial, I hope this isn’t a disappointment.

The original look is here.

We will need Sugarpill Birthday Girl loose pigment(Matte bubblegum pink with sparkles), Sugarpill Tako(Matte White) and Love +(matte red) eyeshadows, a pen liner(ELF E/l pen in Plum) and mascara and waterline liner of your choice.  This look is surprisingly simple. The key is in a LOT of blending. You will need two eyeshadow brushes-one for applying wet shadows, one for applying dry shadows.

Prime your lids with your primer of choice(UDPP, MAC Paintpots, TFSI, etc.  I use UDPP)

Next, put a drop of water or mixing medium on a flat surface, and use your brush to move Birthday Girl pigment  into it until it’s a nice consistency(I tap the brush into the pigment,  and then tap the handle against my finger to shake the pigment into the liquid.  THis helps prevent water from dripping into the pigment jar, and allows me to control the amount of product I mix).  We want a fairly dense consistency, that is still thin enough to spread.  Apply this to the lower lid using a brush like the Sephora #23.  Don’t worry about softening the edge where it meets the crease.  Too much buffing and blending will make Birthday Girl look patchy and uneven.  Pat additional pigment over it for extra glitter.  While it’s wet, it makes a nice sticky base to hold additional glitter.

Apply Love+ to the crease, using a smaller eyeshadow brush(Sephora #23) or domed crease brush for a fairly precise curve.  Blend with the top of Birthday Girl, in a half-circle sweep, but don’t buff it too much.

Clean off your brush on a paper towel, before applying Tako to the highlight and browbone.  Blend over the top edge of Love+.  It doesn’t have to be TOO precise—we’ll be repeating these last two steps a few times.

Like I said, rinse and repeat.  Apply more Love+ to the center of the crease.   Clean your brush off before blending upwards.  Apply another coat of tako above the top edge over Love+, using short back and forth motions to blend the color with itself, without pulling it upwards.  If needed, you can do this again, if you over-blend and dull one of the colors.

Using your eyeliner pen, define the outer corner of the upper lashline.  Fill it in in segments, working inward.  At the outer corner, wing it outward along the shape of the lower lashline.  You can make the wing as thin or short as you want, but I did mine fairly thick for a more playful look.

Pull your liner pen inwards at the outer lower lash line.  Don’t go more than a third of the way inward, and keep it as CLOSE to the actual lash line as possible.

Line the lower waterline with a black, or dark plum liner pencil(Like UD 24/7 pencil in Zero, or Rockstar).  Smudge in the lash line to blend with your  contour.


Curl lashes, and apply mascara.

Apply concealer under the eye, stippling(Patting) around the wing to avoid displacing any color.  You’re done!



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