Review: Ulta small eyeshadow brush

Apologies for the fairly brief review.  It has been one of those days where a “tiny errand” escalated into all-day drama. I haven’t even been HOME to put makeup on, and I’m typing this review as I SHOULD be in bed already.

This was a christmas gift from my mom-in-law.  I don’t usually make it out to Ulta, and this brush, and their angled liner brush are the first brushes from them I’ve owned.

Contrary to its description, I would say this brush is MUCH better for cream products.  The bristles are very dense, and synthetic.  So it works well for creamier primers, concealers, etc.  For eyeshadow, though, it’s difficult to blend.  You can use it to get a sharply defined crease, if you use a softer brush afterward to blend the color out.  But I really would NOT have guessed they classify it as an eyeshadow brush.

That said, it’s a nice quality brush. I’ve washed it several times without the bristles shedding or falling out of formation.    It’s PERFECT for creams, though it doesn’t handle thicker products(like MUFE Aqua creams) as well.

I’ve found myself reaching for it much more when applying makeup on clients.  On myself, I don’t care if I smudge my primer onto my eye with my finger.  But it’s helpful having a brush to use on other people. It’s VERY useful for touch ups, as well.

If you only put makeup on yourself, and haven’t noticed yourself having difficulties applying or blending creamy products, you’re probably OK without it.  But especially if you need a more sanitary application, or precise application, this brush is essential!


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