Makeup Wars: Sugarpill Dollypop vs. MUFE #75 or #26

So, these are barely a fraction of my hot-pink eyeshadow variants.  I LOVE hot pink eyeshadow.  These three were particularly close, and your average makeup-lover REALLY only needs one.

Sugarpill Dollypop is a vivid hot pink, with a hint of fuchsia.  MUFE #75 is a true hot pink, and #26 is a true fuchsia.

Although the colors look like they would be very similar in practice, the first question you should ask in choosing your color is “do I have warm undertones”.  If the answer is yes, cross out #26.  The purpley fuchsia notes work better on cool or pink based skin tones.  #75 and Dollypop look almost IDENTICAL on the lid.  #75 is just a shade warmer.

Top left-#75.  Bottom left-Dollypop.  Bottom right-#26

Top Left-#26.  Bottom Left #75.  Right-Dollypop(and the rest of the sweet heart palette)

They do apply differently, though.  I find Dollypop  to be the most easy to apply and blend.  #26 can be a bit chalky to work with.  #75 applies QUITE well, but not quite as opaque.  You can easily layer a matte white shadow over Dollypop to create a new shade without removing any aspects of the blending, but if you try that with #75, it may look patchy.  I do think Dollypop adheres the best and is the easiest to work with.  #75 is a close second, though.

Ease of application

Sugarpill 5/5

MUFE 4/5

Sugarpill eyeshadow singles are $12, or Dollypop is available in the Sweet Heart quad, for $34.  MUFE Shadows are not sold in palettes, though you can buy one to put them in.  They sell for $19 per color.  Sugarpill pans are just SLIGHTLY bigger than MUFE pans. Both are HUGE, well above the standard pan size used by MAC, UD, etc.  Sugarpill is still DEFINITELY a better value, but MUFE is reasonable for similar brands, or quantities.


Sugarpill 5/5

MUFE 4/5

Both brands are highly conscious of a consumers desire to place makeup in palettes.  MUFE Singles are sold in a sleek plastic case, and the pan removes easily with the edge of your nail.  You still have to attach a magnet to use in MAC palettes—the case itself is the magnetic part.  Sugarpill comes in singles, or quads.  All of them are magnetized the same way, for easy removal and rearranging.  Sugarpill palettes are hard cardboard, and VERY sturdy.  I don’t have any single shadows, so I can’t attest to those first hand. I believe they are plastic though, with a clear window top.  Sugarpills are “cute” styled, and MUFE prefers a more sleek line.  Both of them are pretty utilitarian and very sturdy!


Sugarpill 5/5

MUFE 5/5

Sugarpill is available online only, through their web site. Shipping is $5 US shipping or $6-12 Internationally depending on the order size, or free if it is over $75.  This is reasonable and consistent with other large online beauty merchants.  MUFE is offered online through retailers like Sephora, or in some Sephora stores.  That availability and selection is fairly limited, depending on your area.  Online is MUCH easier.  Sephora ships free if your order is over $50, and offers $6 shipping on smaller purchases(I think. I almost ALWAYS spend over $50.  Naughty me.)  I do sort of wish it was easier to find both lines.  Both are GREAT, but i hate waiting for things to ship, and not being able to see it in person before buying.  Especially with the MUFE, since I have to drive an hour a way to the nearest store with it, and then 3/4 of the time, they’re out of stock of the color I want, and may take months to get it back IN stock.


Sugarpill 4/5

MUFE 4/5

Sugarpill is a smaller company, with VERY personal customer service.  Most of their eyeshadows are vegan, and the owner genuinely responds to feedback.  MUFE is considerably larger, and the easiest way to get customer service is through contacting a retailer and talking to a sales associate.  I’ve never had a BAD customer service experience with MUFE products, but it would be REALLY hard to beat the attention that Sugarpill puts into theirs.  Both companies have a good return policy, though I’m sure MUFE returns vary by the retailer.  I don’t believe MUFE offers many/any vegan products, so if that is a concern, DEFINITELY stick with Sugarpill.  Dollypop itself isn’t vegan, but many of their eyeshadows are, and it’s always well marked.

Brand customer service/like-ability

Sugarpill 5/5

MUFE  5/5


Sugarpill 24/25

MUFE 23 /25

Dollypop wins, by being cheaper, and a bit easier to work with!  MUFE #75 is still a beautiful color, and a great product if you can get it, but if you had to pick one…. let it be Dollypop!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sahily
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 07:43:24

    Great Review! I still have not gotten my hands on Sugarpill products, but I will be placing an order this week. I love the that the products are comparable to MUFE. Cant wait to use them for myself!


    • dolcearia
      Feb 11, 2011 @ 09:46:11

      I think you’ll LOVE them. I find myself reaching for them more than most of my other bright colors. I just placed another(?!) order with them, and can’t wait for it to ship. They get seriously addictive! What do you think you’ll get?


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