Review: NARS Orgasm blush

I’m not sure why I didn’t review this sooner. It was one of the first high-end makeup products I bought, and remains one of the ones I am the most ambivalent on.  NARS Blushes are GREAT products-huge, sturdily packaged, INCREDIBLE pigmentation.   The Orgasm is consistently recommended for almost all skin tones, and has long since spread into a line of lip glosses, highlighters, etc. to capitalize on the colors cult popularity..  For my pallor(Paler than MAC NC 15, with decidedly neutral/rosy undertones), though, it has always leaned too orangey to look nice.  If i blend it down a LOT it can look somewhat natural, but I still prefer to grab for a less electric orange when I need a warm blush(MUFE #14 is my favorite).

The Orgasm is a rich electric peach/coral shade, with golden shimmery flecks.  The shimmer does NOT show up on me at all.  Especially after I buff it down.  For medium, dark, or warmer skin tones, this shade can be VERY stunning and wearable.

It’s REALLY densely pigmented, so make sure not to pick up too much on your brush. I didn’t have problems with it fading, and it wore for hours without issue.  My biggest complaint really IS just that the color doesn’t suit me.

I’ve been getting emails from ELF that their Blush/Contour duo is a dupe for NARS Orgasm and Laguna.  I’ll eventually do a Makeup Wars section on that, but I wanted to do separate reviews of the competitors first.

I actually like the ELF shade better than Orgasm, because it’s less neon orange(the swatch photos don’t do it justice.  THe Orgasm looks MUCH pinker than in practice).  I definitely wouldn’t call it a dupe, though.

Here’s swatches.



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  1. Susan
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 10:00:10

    Ha! Orgasm was my first high end about 2 years ago when I started seriously collecting high end after studying it rather than just walking through a dept. store and buying whatever I saw at the moment.
    Yeah, while it’s nice, I don’t seem to wear it much either (I’m a NW25). I am in love at the moment with Laura Mercier “Lush Nectarine” or NARS “Gina”. I’m still teaching myself how much to apply since I put a tiny amount on and think I have enough. Then I look in a mirror or see a photo and go, eek, I need MORE.
    Love, love, love your reviews! Thank you.


    • dolcearia
      Feb 14, 2011 @ 10:42:20

      Heh, I usually apply about two thin coats. Apply, blend down with a bronzer brush, apply again working up from the contour, blend down again. It helps it melt in with the skin a bit more.

      Really, my current favorite blushes are MAC Brit Wit, MUFE #14 and #5, and Eve Pearl Rosy cream blush. The colors just happen to be very flattering, even with my pale skin.


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