Review: ELF Eyeliner pens in Plum, Midnight

I’m a bit of a liner nut, since I love doing dramatic eyeliner wings, double wings, face-paint detailing.  These were nice and cheap(I think $3 each?) and actually ARE decently usable.  They aren’t my favorites though.  There weren’t any wear issues, you can get VERY precise effects with them, but I prefer being able to put product on my brush myself.

These seemed to dry out halfway through the application(if you are doing more than just upper lashline), so I’d end up doing one eyeliner wing, capping the pen and applying foundation, doing the other eyeliner wing, later.  It’s not my preferred way to work, since eyeliner wings usually involve a bit of tweaking, and it’s hard to get them even after that break.  I DO love the products precision.
It doesn’t seem particularly waterproof, but I don’t have issues with it smudging or rubbing away. It removes easily under water, or makeup remover.

It’s definitely not a bad product for the price, and may be a lifesaver if you want something cheap to practice with before you go investing in 10-15$ gel liners, and a variety of brushes.  It isn’t very practical outside of wings, because it doesn’t smudge AT ALL.  If you like a harsh liner line, I guess that’s good. But in almost all cases when I’m not winging it or accenting the sharpness, I think it looks better smudged.  So this is NOT my preferred product.

Shown with ELF liquid liner, and brow tool.


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  1. spider girl
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 02:31:19

    Nice review, thanks for sharing 🙂


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