Review: Hard Candy glitter cream eyeshadow in Pool Boy

My love of all things bright and glittery is well documented.  For $5-6, the Hard Candy selection looks AWESOME!  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a miss for me.  I’ll review another shade that had texture problems, but I can no longer test the Glitter Cream eyeshadows on my eyes.   When I tried, my lids swelled, stained blue, and stung to the point where I was almost in tears just removing it.

Having tested it on my hand with no ill effects, I can say that it DOES seem to stay put pretty well, even in the face of rubbing, and the overall application is fairly seamless(though you’ll have a hard time blending eyeshadow around the edges.)   It’s a bit difficult to blend any kind of a soft falloff with existing shadow, or blend shadow over top, so I’m not entirely sure how they expect it to be used.  I plan to use it for doing bright detailing elsewhere on my face, since it’s only my eyes it hurts.

Pool boy is a rich turquoise sparkle with bright blue and gold sparkles.  It really IS a lovely color—but it STAINS the lid fiercely, and is a bit difficult to actually USE, even if you don’t have allergic reactions.  It applies with a doe-foot applicator, and the product is thick enough that you really only need one dip to get an ample amount for use.

Pool boy next to Lagoon(to be reviewed soon)


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