Review: Hard Candy glitter cream eyeshadow in Lagoon


Yeah, I probably could have reviewed Lagoon and Pool Boy at the same time, but I decided to separate it because they handle COMPLETELY differently.  Pool Boy applied smoothly in one coat…..

But Lagoon was ferociously streaky, even after two coats.  Two coats was passable but not completely opaque.  Three coats and it started flaking off and pulling uncomfortably.  About what you would expect from a $5-6 glitter product.  Ah well.

I didn’t test this on my eyes, after my uncomfortable trial with Pool Boy, that resulted in my eyes swelling, stinging, staining, and being tender for two days afterwords. I can’t imaging it being comfortable to wear though, given how thick of a layering you need for decent non-streaky effects.

Eyeshadow doesn’t blend well overtop,  and it is hard to soften teh edge where glitter meets non-glitter cosmetics.  I’ve definitely concluded that Hard Candy Glitter cream eyeshadows are a novelty at best. I’d use it for face painting, but NOT for serious makeup.

One coat(left) and two(right)

And next to Pool Boy(one coat)


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