Review: OCC Lip Tar in Tarred

I love my lip tars! Tarred is a simple black, and isn’t as wearable as some of the other shades I’ve reviewed.

Tarred is definitely one of the more fidgety lip tar colors, although it has the same beautiful pigmentation as the rest of the line. It is a rich, glossy black. The problem is that it separates MUCH faster than the other shades. Even after vigorously shaking it, I still find that half the time I get an amount of clear gloss dispensed with NO pigment, if it has been sitting in my makeup case unshaken for more than a few days. This is DEFINITELY something to be aware of. I think I’ve wasted about four applications worth of the gloss simply because of that short separation(Case in point-most of my other OCC colors NEVER separate, no matter HOW long it is between being moved. It seems to be only the white, black, and one of the coral shades that routinely do it.)

This is may not be wearable on its own, but it helps a lot for blending new colors, or experimental effects. Bear in mind that it will darken a shade, but to actually tweak the color itself, you’ll still want to add the main shades complementary color.(With a red like NSFW, I add a small amount of Botanical(dark green) to get a deeper red rather than a fire-engine red). It’s a useful color, I just am confused why the formulation seems so much more prone to separating in storage. I don’t use it as much as I’d hoped to, because that annoys me, and I’m scared of wasting more of it.

It is $12.50, and isn’t absolutely necessary unless you intend to mix your own lip tar colors. Lip tars have a thin consistency that does NOT blend with lipsticks or thicker glosses.

I find it stays on my lips a decent amount of time, though you want to use the smallest amount possible, or else it will end up on your teeth. It is VERY glossy for the first hour or so, and after that it is a more satin-style of gloss, as it fades down. It does NOT fade down evenly, so be prepared to reapply. I do find the formula a bit drying on my lips, so you may also want to keep a good lip balm on hand(I like Caudalie or Jack Black)

Shown here next to the rest of their holiday 2010 Mixmaster set—Lip Tars in Feathered, Traffic, Stalker, Rx, and Tarred)


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