Review: MUFE Brow Correcter in 3

So, I already have been mixing 0(pale reddish brown) and 1(medium reddish brown) for my brows, but I got #3(dark brown with a few reddish tones) to fill out my makeup kit.  I’ve used it a lot, and actually taken to mixing it with the other shades for the perfect not-too-red brow filler color.  I do love that the MUFE brow correcters can be easily mixed for custom shades.

You can use them a LOT of different ways—it is intended to be an all-in-one brow finisher.  No layering powder to fill in, adding wax or clear gel overtop to keep hairs in line…..  Just apply it and(if desired) comb a bare mascara wand or brow comb through the brows to set hairs in line.  It works beautifully!  I’ve even had luck using a powder to fill in the brow, and then using a mascara comb to apply it to the brows, for even more naturally textured shading(In that case, my model had BLACK hair, but her brow hairs were pretty much transparent, and VERY finely textured. I filled in her brows with MAC Carbon eyeshadow, a matte black, and then used #3 to make sure the hairs texture showed through, with very faint brown highlights.  It looked flawless on camera.)

It is marketed as being waterproof, and I’ve NEVER had a problem with it migrating, smearing, etc. once it has set from the initial application.  Even with makeup remover, I find my brows tend to have a permanent tint from using it near-daily.  It REALLY stays put with absolutely no fussing!  It’s quite pigmented, and a teeny bit goes a long way.  I find an amount about as big as the head of a large sewing pin is plenty to finish both eyes.  It doesn’t set extremely quickly, so it is easy to apply it in broad lines, and then go back with the brush to spread it thinner, filling out the area.

Shown next to 0,2,3.



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