Review: Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow swatchathon

Sorry for the fairly bland product focus today. I’m in the process of trying to start recording video reviews, so my energy has been split SO many ways that every last thing I don’t have to redo later helps.  I don’t want to type up reviews of new products that I already have clips of video for. It’s just confusing and redundant. They belong in the same post.  I am a PERFECTIONIST.  Plus, wordpress is being an absolute BEAR about inserting new images.  I really really hate wordpress.  Sigh.

For actual reviews, look in these links. I’ll add new links as soon as I get solid reviews up of my newer colors.  As of now, I own samples or full sizes of all Sugarpill loose eyeshadows except for Tiara, Darling, Starling, and Asylum.

Here’s swatches of Tipsy, Absinthe, weekenders, birthday girl, paperdoll, magentric, decora, lumi, stella, hysteric,  royal sugar, magpie,  goldilux, and junebug.  Tipsy, Magentric, Decora, Stella, Hysteric, and Magpie have not been reviewed yet.  I’m still testing them.

Please note: Stella is not as chalky as this photo makes it appear. I have scarring on my arms and wrists, that kind of interferes with products swatched over the roughened skin.  In practice, birthday girl tends to sheer out a bit to a more soft rosy pink, rather than this almost-hot-pink.

Junebug is slightly more green than it appears, and Absinthe has a more golden sheen.  Tipsy sparkles silvery.  These colors are mostly accurate though.


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