Review: Korres Wild Rose Lip Balm

Although there’s very few Korres products that attract my attention, given my penchant for more dramatic makeup, Korres has a pretty good reputation among natural beauty/mineral makeup purists. Most of their products are geared towards a very subtle aesthetic suitable for daytime wear, using natural ingredients, and their tinted lip balms are considered to be a pretty standout product. They ARE nicely moisturizing, and a steal at $10. Wild Rose looks like a dark raspberry/plum in the jar, but on the lips, it is much softer. It wears reasonably well, absorbing in around 2.5 hours. It leaves a pretty stain, though. I’ve carried this with me when I want a touch of color, without the fuss of worrying about a vibrant lipstick staining my teeth, feathering, smearing, etc. It has a bit more color payoff than you would think, but is still quite sheer and light on the lips. It doesn’t feel at all waxy, and it has a softer consistency like Carmex, Vaseline, Rosebud lip balm, Jack Black lip balm, or most thicker or gelbased lip glosses.

The Wild Rose lip balm does INDEED smell like roses. It’s not a heavy, or overwhelming scent, just a very dainty subtle note. This is a relief for me, since Rose is one of the fragrances I’m the MOST likely to have a bad reaction to. The fragrance seems to match the named “color”. I can’t vouch for this completely, since it has been a long time since I looked at any of the other lip balms. There seemed to be a variety of colors and flavors available for other skin tones or base lip pigmentations, but Wild Rose is definitely cool enough to work best on blue undertones.

The packaging is fairly simple, but sturdy. I do wish it was in a squeezy tube, instead of a pot, but I think it would be a bit more challenging in a tube, due to the fairly thick formula. I still think it could be done, though. The formula really does feel similar to other lip balms in tubes, like my favorite Jack Black. If anything, it’s still slightly thinner and softer. Pots always just feel a little bit unsanitary to me, and that has been the biggest thing preventing me from wanting additional shades of this to keep in my Kit for more natural lips, and conditioning on clients.


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  1. Aygee
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 07:54:02

    I have the Korres Lip Butter tint which is in a handy tube. I really like it a lot. The deep red shade gives a lovely soft berry tint to my lips.


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