Tutorial: Familiar Taste of Poison

The basic look breakdown is here.

For this look, we will need Posh crease brush duo(large and small) Sephora Eyeshadow brush #23, ELF Angled liner brush, and small smudge brush.

For colors, we’ll use Sugarpill Tako(Matte white), Royal Sugar(Vibrant blue), Absinthe(Chartreuse with gold sparkle), Tipsy(Lime green with silver sparkle), Goldilucks(metallic gold), Stella(sparkly black)and Poison Plum(matte rich purple).

Start out with a clean and primed lid. I used UDPP, my standard primer.  Mix absinthe with mixing medium, and apply wet to the lower lid.

Next, use the small smudge brush to sketch in the crease, using Poison Plum.  Follow the curve of your eye ALL the way to the inner corner.  We want a pretty sharp edge.

Next, using the 23 brush, add more poison plum to blend the crease outward and soften the edge.  back and forth to place the color, little circles to diffuse it.

Clean off excess pigment on a paper towell, so we can use the brush again later.  Add Tako to the highlight, and blend it over the upper edge of Poison Plum

Pat Tipsy over the outer half of the lower lid with the large domed brush.  This is a VERY subtle color difference, over absinthe.

Pat a little more absinthe over the middle of the lower lid, after cleaning off the large domed brush

Using the angled smudge brush, add a small amount of Stella to the outer edge of crease.  Also, the outer lower lashline.

Use the Small domed brush to blend over STella to soften it.  You can add a little Poison Plum to keep the intensity of the crease.

Use the angled liner brush to THINLY line upper lashline, and lower waterline. I use Buxom lashliner, because it’s easy to work with.

Clean off the small dome brush, and diffuse the color around the lower lashline.

At this point, I decided I wanted more depth to the outer corner, and used the #23 brush to pat a SMALL amount of Royal Sugar into the outer corner.

And then I patted a THIN coat of goldilucks into the inner corner, using the small domed brush.

Finish lashes, and apply a gold glitter liner to the inner edge of upper and lower lashline(the NYX one I used, unfortunately, takes FOREVER to set and a little bit got on the lid itself.  I recommend Hard Candy Dream Girl, instead).

We’re done!  Finish your skin as you normally would.  I paired it with bright coral blush and lipstick, for a bit of warmth and contrast.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. spider girl
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 00:41:27

    Good to see a step-by-step tutorial! Keep more coming up 🙂


    • dolcearia
      Mar 08, 2011 @ 08:48:05

      Will try. I photograph waaaaay more than I post, because they’re time consuming and I usually feel, by the time I look at the photos, that no one would WANT a tutorial of that look anyways! hehe. I wish I could just turn the camera on any time I put on makeup, since my best work REALLY isn’t planned out well enough for me to decide to photograph a tutorial, in advance. It’s such a weird mental block. Glad you like it, though!


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