Review: ELF Cream eyeshadow in Green Machine

I have to admit-I was less than thrilled with everything in my last ELF purchase, other than the brushes.  They have a spotty history for quality control, especially with products that may dry out. I’ve owned this product a month and it has already dried to the point of being unusable.  That’s fine, it was cheap.  I’d originally hoped it might be an acceptable dupe for MAC Moss Scape paintpot(now discontinued) The color is slightly different, and it didn’t apply anywhere near as evenly, though.  It creased on my lid by the time I had finished getting the color on the other eye.  So I would work fast to get shadow over top to set it, if you do try it.

The doe foot applicator seemed adequate in the beginning–it soaked in a god amount of product and was fairly easy to apply.  It just dried out INSANELY fast, even without being opened/exposed to air very often.  I’m told it’s bteter if you can get ELF items in store, to test the quality.  Supposedly, the brushes also can be good, or AWFUL.  I’m not surprised this shadow was not even useable.

ELF Green Machine, MAC Moss Scape and generic line cream eyeshadow in Moss

ELF Cream shadow in Green machine ELF Liquid liner in White, ELF eyeliner pens in Midnight and Plum

Original Packaging.


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