Candy Wrapper

Yes, my brows need SERIOUS work. I’ve been trying to avoid it until after the move, since it hurts to raise my arms long enough to tweeze more than a few hairs.

Playing with Sugarpill Tiara now. I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but i like how this came out.



Gold Vintage

Shooting today, and I’m already drained from shooting yesterday. It will be fun, though.  Plus, the boyfriend is working overtime, so it’s better than puttering around the house, bored.



For the boyfriend. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Portal today. It was too late to play it yesterday, when it came.  We could use a break from the moving. I think I hurt my hand on our last trip-I’ve had shooting pains through the bones of my left hand ALL night.  Blech.  We could REALLY use a break.  As it is, I’ll spend today laundering some dresses for a shoot Sunday.  I want to do a quick doublecheck and make sure that all of the seems are still in place, and they’ll work well for supplementing the models wardrobe. This should be a FUN project.


Review: NYX Glitter Eyeliner

I was not impressed with these.   I purchased three colors for myself, and one for a giveaway.  Out of my three colors(Hot pink, gold, and lavender/blue,) the brushes of TWO of them were splayed and damaged from the moment I opened the container.  I can understand them getting bent as the product is used, since the little stopper round you slide the brush through to close the container feels quite stiff and tight, but NEW?!  That’s just stupid.  Especially since I have glitter liners from a variety of other brands(Urban Decay, Too Faced, Hard Candy, cheapie halloween costume makeup, etc.) that I’ve used for their whole shelf life without ONCE damaging the brush!

The liner seemed to wear acceptably once it was applied and set.  But the application was slightly difficult because of the thick formula—it took  FOREVER to set, and seemed to apply in thick gel-like clumps, rather than a smooth fluid line.  Glitter didn’t distribute evenly in those clumps, and it took two applications to get an even layer of glitter.

I like the packaging, though I DO prefer the narrower packaging of TF, Hard Candy liners.  I don’t care for the tassel at the top.  It’s cute, but those tassels NEVER last more than a few uses, especially if you carry it with you for touch ups.  Tassels are fairly fragile decorations.

The glitter in this is more chunky than TF or Hard Candy glitters, but is about the same size as UD Heavy Metal liners.  I think I like the finer glitter  better, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

There’s more iridescent glitters, in a tinted gel base, than true colored glitters.  So it doesn’t show up as much as I wish it would, but I like to use it all over the lid, with loose glitter on top. It DOES make a nice base.  The gold color has holographic glitter, but the actual colored shades aren’t terribly opaque at all.  Definitely plan to layer it with another eyeliner.

I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for NYX as a good cheap option for this, but I can’t recommend it, with my experience.  I’d rather just spend the money on loose glitters, and press them over mixing medium, a different liquid liner, or some other tacky base, rather than deal with these.


Bronze smoky eye

MUFE Aqua Cream 14 is definitely on my wish list. Thank you, Susan, for sending me the sample of it! I LOVE it!  ALso love my new curling iron. I was debating getting one for my kit for shoots, but wanted to practice with it, since it doesn’t have the clip portion most irons have.  The curls were SO much better, and they LASTED my whole shoot!

Wore this to go to a shoot, the other day.  Mind you, I’ve barely been shooting at ALL, and I’ve been lucky to wear makeup once a week.  Things are so hectic and stressed, right now.  Both the boyfriend and I are on the verge of exhaustion-sickness.   The poor man can hardly move past his back pain, and it hurts to open and close my hands.  Ah well.  It’ll end, soon enough.


Alien Design for boyfriend(first attempt)

Long story.  Basically, the boyfriend asked me to create makeup based on a character in one of his projects, for kindle publication(Just the face will be isolated, for his use). THere’ll be other graphic elements thrown in once he edits it, I’ve just been testing how to get teh makeup for what specifications he wanted.  Although I gave him an earful for writing another Blue Alien thing.  Seriously?  Lavender, Sage, or bright, nauceous FUCHSIA?!  So much less over-used.

Cover the brows with Ben Nye white mascara, before applying blue skin and eyeshadow.  This was done with MUFE Blue and White flash creams, Sugarpill Lumi, Afterparty, Tako, Magpie, and Royal sugar, OCC Saturate and Static,  Mehron liquid latex(Applied, and then torn to give texture), and OCC Rx Lip tar applied, then blotted off.  (Unfortunately, it STAINED the chapped portions of my lip a lot, so it was still far stronger than the intended effect I wanted)

Sun went down, I couldn’t see well enough to finish it, so I photographed it “as is” and figured it’s a starting point for me to figure out where I want to go different, next time.

Periwinkle blue eyes

Another quick look from Yesterday.  Today will be spent refining some ambitious project makeup for one of the boyfriends projects.  As soon as I have properly edited images on that, I’ll post it, but it may take a few days since we’re trying to nail this next look with a specific image in mind.


Review: Graftobian Cream Foundation palettes

I’ve been holding onto this review for WEEKS because I was trying to record a video review to go with it.  That didn’t quite work though.  I’m not great with technology, and I couldn’t find a lighting that didn’t wash my face out to the point where the foundation wasn’t visible.  Ah well.

I purchased Graftobian Cream Foundation palettes for my makeup kit. They come in Warm, Cool, and Neutral undertones.  Each kit has 18 colors.  The last three colors in each palette may be better mixed with the true foundations, for cream blushes, contour shading, etc.  Those shades aren’t quite as realistically colored. Each palette is about $60, but individual foundation colors are $10.  It’s easy to replace the colors in the kit, or just get a few for personal use.  It’s a VERY pigmented foundation, suitable for full coverage applications.  You can also use water or mixing medium to thin it out, for more natural coverage(I usually do.  I apply it straight to “problem” areas, after using any tinted concealers as needed, and sheer out the coverage over areas that need less).  There’s no SPF, or reflective ingredients,and it adheres and wears very well(with one exception).  This is a GREAT foundation for photography, events, stage, and the shade range is almost impeccable.  Just the teeniest of amounts(about the size of a lentil) is enough for me to get solid coverage on my face, with a bit of thinner.  It has a very matte finish, so if you want a more dewy look, I would thin it out, buff it into the skin a bit, and then use a shimmery highlight, or a powder with a touch of shimmer, to add in that natural glow.

These are cream products, so don’t be surprised if you open it and see beads of sweat on the product surface, or dull areas where the sweat has evaporated.  These even had a few powdery dye stains on the top.  It does NOT affect the product, or mean it is drying out or unusable.  Just make sure to mix it a bit before putting it on your brush if it has one of the colored deposits.

These really have become my go-to product for shoots.  With the shade range, cheap replacements, superior wear, and the versatility you can get in the coverage, this is a great all-purpose product.  I have sensitive skin, but I’ve NEVER had an allergic reaction, or skin irritation, from this foundation.  I’ve never heard of a client having one either.  I really can’t stress enough how much I love this foundation!

The one thing to be wary of(the exception mentioned above) is to avoid using this on clients who have recently had any kind of strong sunburn, skin peel treatment, or other cosmetic procedures to exfoliate or smooth the skin.  When the skin is TOO smooth, the foundation has a hard time adhering.  In this situation,using a layer of powder first may help give the foundation a surface to grasp, or you can dilute the coverage of the foundation(I found that helped a bit, when it was less thick).  You may still prefer to keep a selection of liquid or powder colors on hand to use instead, though.

The one flaw I’ve found in their range, for practical use,  is that the palest shades are STILL slightly too dark for some of the models I’ve worked on, especially in the Warm palette. It looks like they have added several new pale shades to their selection, though I could not find information on whether they were in the kit, or comparable to the kit colors.  I ordered a few, though, and may post a separate review on those, as I compare them to the shades in the palettes I’ve purchased.  Samples are available for sale, too, to test the shades in your range before you purchase the full one.


Technique: Fake Tears

I know this took forever to post.  Following my Jingizu experiment, I had a request for the technique.  Now, this look is NOT Jingizu, but this gives you the basics of getting that just-been-crying look.  If you wish you can use an actual product like Mehrons Fake Sweat and Tears, or you can just use Glycerin, found in any pharmacy’s first aid section.  I use it to make my own mixing medium, and don’t mind using it on myself.

Either way, DON’T apply it to the lower waterline, or too close to the eye.  Try a spot test on the inside of your elbow to make sure that straight Glycerin won’t be too strong, and cause a bad reaction. It never has with me, but better safe than sorry.  Most setting sprays and such(MAC Fix +,  etc.) are primarily Glycerin and Water anyways.


Simple gold eye, with double-winged liner

I needed something quick and painless to use as a base for another technique. This was it.  Expect the tutorial soon.

I’m REALLY sorry for the extended absence.  Between shoots, work drama, and illness, I’ve been absolutely USELESS.


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