Review: Graftobian Cream Foundation palettes

I’ve been holding onto this review for WEEKS because I was trying to record a video review to go with it.  That didn’t quite work though.  I’m not great with technology, and I couldn’t find a lighting that didn’t wash my face out to the point where the foundation wasn’t visible.  Ah well.

I purchased Graftobian Cream Foundation palettes for my makeup kit. They come in Warm, Cool, and Neutral undertones.  Each kit has 18 colors.  The last three colors in each palette may be better mixed with the true foundations, for cream blushes, contour shading, etc.  Those shades aren’t quite as realistically colored. Each palette is about $60, but individual foundation colors are $10.  It’s easy to replace the colors in the kit, or just get a few for personal use.  It’s a VERY pigmented foundation, suitable for full coverage applications.  You can also use water or mixing medium to thin it out, for more natural coverage(I usually do.  I apply it straight to “problem” areas, after using any tinted concealers as needed, and sheer out the coverage over areas that need less).  There’s no SPF, or reflective ingredients,and it adheres and wears very well(with one exception).  This is a GREAT foundation for photography, events, stage, and the shade range is almost impeccable.  Just the teeniest of amounts(about the size of a lentil) is enough for me to get solid coverage on my face, with a bit of thinner.  It has a very matte finish, so if you want a more dewy look, I would thin it out, buff it into the skin a bit, and then use a shimmery highlight, or a powder with a touch of shimmer, to add in that natural glow.

These are cream products, so don’t be surprised if you open it and see beads of sweat on the product surface, or dull areas where the sweat has evaporated.  These even had a few powdery dye stains on the top.  It does NOT affect the product, or mean it is drying out or unusable.  Just make sure to mix it a bit before putting it on your brush if it has one of the colored deposits.

These really have become my go-to product for shoots.  With the shade range, cheap replacements, superior wear, and the versatility you can get in the coverage, this is a great all-purpose product.  I have sensitive skin, but I’ve NEVER had an allergic reaction, or skin irritation, from this foundation.  I’ve never heard of a client having one either.  I really can’t stress enough how much I love this foundation!

The one thing to be wary of(the exception mentioned above) is to avoid using this on clients who have recently had any kind of strong sunburn, skin peel treatment, or other cosmetic procedures to exfoliate or smooth the skin.  When the skin is TOO smooth, the foundation has a hard time adhering.  In this situation,using a layer of powder first may help give the foundation a surface to grasp, or you can dilute the coverage of the foundation(I found that helped a bit, when it was less thick).  You may still prefer to keep a selection of liquid or powder colors on hand to use instead, though.

The one flaw I’ve found in their range, for practical use,  is that the palest shades are STILL slightly too dark for some of the models I’ve worked on, especially in the Warm palette. It looks like they have added several new pale shades to their selection, though I could not find information on whether they were in the kit, or comparable to the kit colors.  I ordered a few, though, and may post a separate review on those, as I compare them to the shades in the palettes I’ve purchased.  Samples are available for sale, too, to test the shades in your range before you purchase the full one.

The packaging shows fingerprints a lot, but is overall pretty sturdy and utilitarian.  They’re VERY compact and the mirror in the top is actually a decently good size! They feel quite solid, and mine have handled being banged around a good amount.  That said-keep them in a cool place, and store them level, so you don’t melt your foundation onto the mirror!

Here’s close-in views of the three palettes, so you can see the shades.

Graftobian palette-Cool

Graftobian palette-warm

Graftobian palette-neutral


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Melissa
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 04:47:49

    which palette do you use the most? Im building my kit and i am on limited funds. Thanks for your help!


    • dolcearia
      Apr 27, 2011 @ 08:38:46

      I’d say a lot of that depends on where you are, and who you are putting makeup on.

      To be honest, the warm palette is a little, well, warm for my liking. I may mix bits of it with the neutral palette for warmer clients, but I have very few clients who NEED that color. This may be different if you are in a locale where women tend to flaunt tanner skin, or more olive undertones.

      If you look at the pictures of the palettes, you’ll notice the neutral palette starts slightly darker than either warm or cool. I use the cool palette the most because my area ABOUNDS with very fair skinned women. I even picked up a few additional fair shades(Nymph and Silk Sprite) to accommodate clients who are even paler than the palest one in these palettes. The other nice thing about the cool palette is that the cream blushes are BEAUTIFUL.(The last three colors in the palette?)

      So, if you live in an area with LOTS of pale girls, the cool palette is the best. If you don’t need the variety of paler shades, the neutral palette will probably be more useful. Especially if you are diluting it to blend naturally with the skin, you can use it with more undertones.


  2. chichi
    Aug 11, 2011 @ 23:49:38

    Could you perhaps swatch the darker shades in the neutral palette?


    • dolcearia
      Aug 12, 2011 @ 12:23:07

      I’ll see what i can do. Right now, I’m having technical problems,and can’t process pictures. Are there any shades in particular you’d like to see? I warn you–the swatches will be fairly useless, since the darkest shade I’ve used from this palette is somewhere on row #2. You’ll have a difficult time really seeing the color and texture over my pale skin.


  3. smashinbeauty
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 11:41:43

    What thinner do you use? I tried MAC’s face and body mixing medium and wasn’t trilled with the final results.


  4. Suzanne
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 16:20:57

    I cant say enough good things about this formula. I love it, photographs well and u can match anything…just a good workhorse product!


    • dolcearia
      Sep 25, 2011 @ 00:32:59

      Yep, I love that you can tweak the coverage with thinners, tweak the finish with luminizers or highlighters, without making it sheer, and that you can use it plain as a concealer, as well.. 4/5 shoots I blend a foundation with these–If i could just make myself skip the other foundations I carry, this would be even MORE of a huge space saver.


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