Review: NYX Glitter Eyeliner

I was not impressed with these.   I purchased three colors for myself, and one for a giveaway.  Out of my three colors(Hot pink, gold, and lavender/blue,) the brushes of TWO of them were splayed and damaged from the moment I opened the container.  I can understand them getting bent as the product is used, since the little stopper round you slide the brush through to close the container feels quite stiff and tight, but NEW?!  That’s just stupid.  Especially since I have glitter liners from a variety of other brands(Urban Decay, Too Faced, Hard Candy, cheapie halloween costume makeup, etc.) that I’ve used for their whole shelf life without ONCE damaging the brush!

The liner seemed to wear acceptably once it was applied and set.  But the application was slightly difficult because of the thick formula—it took  FOREVER to set, and seemed to apply in thick gel-like clumps, rather than a smooth fluid line.  Glitter didn’t distribute evenly in those clumps, and it took two applications to get an even layer of glitter.

I like the packaging, though I DO prefer the narrower packaging of TF, Hard Candy liners.  I don’t care for the tassel at the top.  It’s cute, but those tassels NEVER last more than a few uses, especially if you carry it with you for touch ups.  Tassels are fairly fragile decorations.

The glitter in this is more chunky than TF or Hard Candy glitters, but is about the same size as UD Heavy Metal liners.  I think I like the finer glitter  better, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

There’s more iridescent glitters, in a tinted gel base, than true colored glitters.  So it doesn’t show up as much as I wish it would, but I like to use it all over the lid, with loose glitter on top. It DOES make a nice base.  The gold color has holographic glitter, but the actual colored shades aren’t terribly opaque at all.  Definitely plan to layer it with another eyeliner.

I’ve seen a lot of recommendations for NYX as a good cheap option for this, but I can’t recommend it, with my experience.  I’d rather just spend the money on loose glitters, and press them over mixing medium, a different liquid liner, or some other tacky base, rather than deal with these.

Those show the damaged brushes, and the clumpy texture of the product on the brush.

Here they are on the eye!

For comparison, here’s El Dorado(the gold gloss) with Hard Candy’s Dream Girl liner(which has a solid glitter color consistent with most colors from Too Faced, Urban Decay Heavy Metal, and other glitter liners)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Apr 17, 2011 @ 11:55:47

    Ew, I have to agree w/ you on horrid brush etc. That last eye look is phenomenal!


    • dolcearia
      Apr 17, 2011 @ 12:24:25

      Yep. I was so SHOCKED the first time I pulled it out of the bottle, and saw that it was already damaged. 2/3 is NOT a good ratio for that type of flaw. Especially since I have never seen that before!

      The last eye look has a tutorial buried somewhere. You can see where the gold glitter didn’t set properly, and transferred into the crease a bit, though. It’s the one real thing that bothered me. I wish I’d stuck with one of the liners I trust more, though. I’d been really hopeful that these would be a nice alternative to paying 18$ for UD or TF liners, since the cheap Halloween ones are only available around that time of year. The glitter is just chunkier than I’d like, and I had so many nitpicks with packaging and formula that I doubt I’ll purchase more shades of this.


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