Review: Stila “It Girl” Eyeshadow palette.

Available for $14, from sephora. Stila eyeshadows normally sell for 20$ per pan. The pans are pretty big(Maybe a little smaller than Sugarpill or MUFE pans) This trio includes Kitten(Pale sparkly nude pink), Eve(Tawny matte neutral) and Americano(deep bronze with a faint gold sparkle). Kitten is the only shade sold separately, at least according to Sephoras  selection.

I’ve been buying a disgusting amount of neutral makeup for the last month, and couldn’t resist this. I’ve lost track of all of the raves I’ve seen for Kitten.

That said, Kitten was disappointing. It’s SO very shimmery—use a FLUFFY brush to diffuse it, unless you want to look like a disco ball. It’s decently pigmented, but it doesn’t have the buttery application of, say, Urban Decay Sellout.
Eve is BEAUTIFUL. The color reminds me a lot of MAC Kid, or Urban Decay Naked(from the naked palette). It has a hint of a dusky pink that isn’t present in those shades, that makes it UTTERLY gorgeous on cooler undertones. The pigmentation and ease of blending is LOVELY. It doesn’t look chalky or harsh on the skin, and matches a variety of skin tones. I tried it on myself( fair NC 15 skin), and found myself using it on a model with considerably deeper skin a few days later(I don’t use MAC Foundations on clients, but I’d guess that she’s a NC 35-40. It was PERFECT for softening her crease, and could probably work on the inner corner, or brow bone of a user with truly deep skin).
Americano doesn’t seem to adhere to brush or skin as nicely as Eve or even Kitten, so the dark color is deceptive. The gold shimmer isn’t really noticeable.

I’d say this palette is ABSOLUTELY worth it, for eve and kitten, and americano is a nice bonus. It’s not the best eyeshadow I’ve touched, but it works with the others. All told, it’s a great value, and the shades can look GORGEOUS, if Kitten is applied with a light hand, and you don’t expect to get a dark smoky eye with Americano. All of the shades wear well, though. No creasing or fading, over standard primers.

I consider it a steal, given the eyeshadows normal price, and the versatility of the shades. That said, you can get similar, with a (slightly) better texture in UD’s Naked Palette(if you are lucky enough to have it!). I LOVE Eve,but it suits the cool undertone of the whole palette, and olive or warm skin tones may want to skip this.


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  1. Susan
    May 15, 2011 @ 14:32:33

    Photos! I’m such a sucker for neutrals…my daughter is trying to make me stop! Aaaah, I adore them!
    I do agree that Kitten is beautiful but way too shimmery! Especially for my old eyes. I’m pining for that Eve after your description. Wish I could purchase separately…as well as U.D.’s Darkhorse separately….
    So glad you’re able to be back here and blogging away! When is spring going to come?


    • dolcearia
      May 15, 2011 @ 16:06:53

      I added pictures. I’ve had a CHORE of a time photographing things in the new house, since I don’t know the lighting as well. I hadn’t gotten any I liked, but I suppose these will have to do. Eve looks SO different in pan than it does on the skin.

      I don’t mind a teeny bit of shimmer when properly placed, but Kitten is a slightly chunky type of shimmer that doesn’t really have that “natural highlight” look, even when lightly applied. It has its uses, but I prefer far subtler shimmers for most purposes. Even UD Sellout has a slightly less chunky finish that can make an understated highlight effective. I definitely don’t understand the hype for Kitten.

      Heh, I’ve cut down on my makeup spending SO much! I mean, I’ve bought a few new items to use for shoots, but most of my money has gone into the promotional aspects. Business cards, Portfolio books, misc. foundations or products needed to fill out my basic kit…. I’ve got stuff to review, but I’ve been procrastinating on doing it, since so much of it is utilitarian makeup. I figured you’d jump right on the reviews of neutral shadows, though! Enjoy!


  2. Susan
    May 15, 2011 @ 16:45:17

    LOL!!! You sure know me!!


    • dolcearia
      May 16, 2011 @ 04:12:39

      Yep. coming soon we’ll have reviews of neutral/matte shades from YABY(we talked about them way back when), Smashbox, La Femme, Anastasia brow filler/highlight set….. UDPP tubes in Eden, Greed, Sin…. I’ve got a LOT of catching up to do.


  3. Phyrra
    May 15, 2011 @ 17:41:51

    I adore Kitten. Sellout is great, too. It sucks that Americano’s gold shimmer doesn’t translate to the skin.


    • dolcearia
      May 16, 2011 @ 03:43:36

      Kitten is just a little too chunky-shimmery for my tastes. My skin tends to get a bit shiny, so I prefer to use matte makeup on it. If I want that dewy highlight, I just use a touch of Benefit High Beams on my cheekbones, and the edge of my brow bones. I just don’t usually want that dense of a highlight. Kitten is cute on the inner corners, though, for making eyes look more awake. I just think that Sellout is a slightly better, more versatile version of the color.

      Yeah, I had hopes for Americano. I was a bit disappointed, since you REALLY have to build the intensity of it, and it never does get as dark as you would think from looking in the pan.


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