Focus On: Sugarpill Poison Plum

Focus On is a work in progress. Have you ever talked yourself out of buying a product because the color was too odd, and you wondered how often you would really be able to use it? Or, you know those colors you LOVE because of some hidden versatility that you never imagined when you bought it? I do that ALL of the time. In the interests of loving what I HAVE, and learning its limitations, rather than relying on the influx of new colors, I will be doing this post every Saturday, focusing on a new color from my collection, with examples of past work, ideas for other uses. Please feel free to suggest colors you wish to see, or uses for the ones listed, or let me know what your favorites are for future posts.

Poison Plum is a matte purple with a strong magenta note.

It is easily wearable for neutral looks.

Applied over a bare lashline, it can make a lovely color to add depth and contour to more bright looks.

Applying it over, or under, colors changes the way it shows up.

Try it over a foiled deep royal blue(applied wet for more vibrancy)  for a more midnight-sky purple.

Or under that same royal blue(applied dry) for a more subtle wash of color.

Or over a lighter blue for a delicate periwinkle.

Or over the edge of a foiled true periwinkle, for extra depth.

Apply it over foiled magenta eyeshadow, with a soft patting motion, for a very subtle depth.

Or over foiled Silver eyeshadow, for a slightly metallic contour.  In this case, the densest color was applied to the outer crease, and the leftover pigment on the brush was used to soften the silver seam, all the way to the inner socket.

Apply it over the seam between a bright matte shade, and foiled blackened violet pigment, to blend the shadow textures.  Also, it was applied over the seam between the blackened pigment, and a pearly pale pigment.  It blends with the pearly pigment in a much softer way, than when applied before the pale pigment.

Apply it first, to the crease, then add colors to the lower lid for a very harsh contour for a bright look.

Or carry that one step further for a harsh cut-crease suitable for costume looks.

Pair with golds for a twist on the neutral smoky eye—the purple and gold set each other off.

Apply it around the lashline, and use progressively lighter colors as you build toward the brow bone.  The purple helps contour the eye, and the simplicity of the blending ensures all of the other colors are visible, though they sometimes get lost in contours where the crease is darkest.

Try layering an OPAQUE white(like Sugarpill Tako) over the upper edge of it to soften the seam, after using a bare brush to blend out the harshest edges.

And another picture of that last technique(softening the seam by applying Tako over top), for a closer view.

The purple makes a nice contrast paired with yellow-greens, and can really make them pop!

Come to think of it, Poison Plum offsets any color with a lot of yellow in it.  This makes it a natural favorite for the crease in almost ANY bright looks!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bhevarri
    May 17, 2011 @ 16:48:43

    Lovely! Ugh I wish I didn’t have so many eyeshadows =P I feel bad for wanting even more!!


    • dolcearia
      May 18, 2011 @ 08:59:52

      Awww! Well, it’s only $12 and sugarpill is WELL worth it. No need to feel bad for wanting to play with new products though… I think that’s half the fun of makeup! I LOVE adjusting to handling new products.


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