Review: YABY eyeshadow

A bit back, I expanded my neutrals a LOT, to have better variety for shoots.  I got several YABY shades, since I have heard great things about them.  The pans are about $3 a color.

YABY is a brand that targets working makeup artists, rather than consumers.    This is mainly worth bringing up because of the design.  YABY pans are about 1/2 the size of a MAC pan.  They expect you to carry a LOT of colors, but need very little of each.  If you buy YABY eyeshadows and use the same colors every day, you’ll probably end up wanting to purchase several of a color at a time, so you aren’t paying shipping quite as frequently.  To my knowledge, YABY is sold online only, from their site, or from other online stores.

They are very well pigmented, and apply very easily(though the frost shades don’t seem to be AS velvety as the matte shades).

You need VERY little to get a smooth application–they apply evenly, and are very nicely pigmented.  I have yet to hit bottom of my pans, although I may have to pick one color to use daily just to record how many applications it takes to deplete.  They have a wide range of colors, and the shadows are also available in large palettes with 50 or so colors.  This is a great brand for experimentation, since it’s comparatively cheap, but still great quality.


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