Review: Sephora Jumbo eyeliner/cream eyeshadow pencils

These sell for $10, per color, and the shade range includes a LOT of dark neutrals, a few paler neutrals, and some bright purples, greens, blues. All colors have a pearly metallic finish similar to MUFE Aqua creams. Come to think of it, the formula is VERY similar to MUFE Aqua Creams, for half the price!

The wear is comparable as well. These are marketed as being waterproof, and while it DID fade  significantly when I left it on my hand in the shower, with strong water pressure, in average wear, they were LOVELY. Even without powder overtop, on a VERY hot humid day, on my oily lids, there was only a TEENY bit of creasing, in the inner corner. Definitely on par with the Aqua creams, and MUCH better than the Buxom Stay There creams. The Aqua Creams have more of an overall shade range, since they include colors suited for lips and cheeks, too, but many of the shades are reasonable duplicates. The Sephora Pencils have a few purple shades that aren’t even remotely duplicable from the Aqua Cream colors, without mixing..

If you have especially oily lids, I advise using powder eyeshadow overtop to set them all the way. For dryer lid types, this may not be necessary, and may even make the color look a bit dry/crepe-y if it’s applied thickly.(Try using matte shadows to tone down the visibility of the frost, if it already looks stiff)

It smudges and blends very easily, with fingers, or with a concealer brush(Dense, natural bristles). Just remember to smudge it as it is setting, for the smoothest finish. You can build it up in teeny layers to increase the wear more, and prevent it from making your lids look stiff or dry.

Here’s swatches of the colors applied straight, and smudged for a sheerer application.  Yes, I spelled the color names right. I think the green is supposed to be “Khaki” not “Kaki”.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leeyah
    Jun 18, 2011 @ 06:43:57

    I actually looked at these on the website the other day and contemplated getting them. Some of the colors are so rich and beautiful, but I wasn’t sure if my monitor setting was just fooling me.
    Did you use them only as a shadow, or as an eyeliner as well? Are they easy to apply with a brush, if I wanted to use them as an eyeliner?


    • dolcearia
      Jun 18, 2011 @ 08:43:42

      They’re a bit dry for my liner preference, but it can be done. They don’t stick to the waterline particularly well, though. They DO have some LOVELY bright colors. I actually love the range.

      It’s easy enough to apply them with a brush though, they DO adhere to it. The finish is just sort of frosty and metallic and can look and feel a bit dry on the lid.


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